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Community Health Needs Assessment

Adventist HealthCare is proud to release its 2013 Community Health Assessment. The assessment is a community driven approach to support the planning and implementation of community based programs that more effectively address the health needs of underserved and vulnerable populations.

Copies of each hospital’s report are available in their administrative offices, and at the Adventist HealthCare corporate office in Gaithersburg. We welcome your feedback, which may be emailed to

Washington Adventist Hospital

Washington Adventist Hospital is a 252-bed acute-care facility located in Takoma Park, Maryland. The hospital opened in 1907 and was home to Montgomery County’s first complete cardiac center. Today, hundreds of open-heart surgeries and thousands of heart catheterizations are performed at Washington Adventist Hospital each year. In addition, high-quality care is provided in such specialty areas as oncology, surgical services, and general and emergency medicine.

Key Takeaways from Assessment

Behavioral Health

  • The rate of hospital discharges for bipolar disorder has increased for Montgomery County adults; there was a two-fold increase in readmissions in the past decade.
  • In Washington Adventist Hospital’s service area, the ZIP code with the highest Emergency Room rate and hospitalization rate due to alcohol abuse was 20912.


  • In Washington Adventist Hospital’s service area, the ZIP codes with the highest Emergency Room rates due to immunization preventable influenza and pneumonia included 20901, 20904, and 20912.


  • Prince George's County has higher cancer mortality rates than the state of Maryland overall.
  • Higher death rate due to prostate cancer for black males.
  • 117% higher prostate cancer mortality rate in Prince George’s County than Montgomery County.

Heart Disease & Stroke

  • Blacks and seniors experience high death rates for heart disease.
  • Overall incidence of heart disease and stroke have declined in all racial and ethnic groups.


  • 8.9% residents of Prince George's County & 7.1 % residents of Montgomery County diagnosed with diabetes.
  • Disproportionately affects minority populations and elderly and will continue to increase as minority and senior populations grow.


  • 69% of residents in Prince George’s County and 56% in Montgomery County are overweight or obese.


  • Disproportionately affects low-income and minority children..
  • Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties both have higher ED visit rates that are 5X higher among black residents than white residents.

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital is a 313-licensed bed acute care facility located in Rockville, Maryland. Opened in 1979, the hospital has since added a four-story patient tower, including private rooms – 48 for new moms and their babies – and a high-tech surgery department for inpatients and outpatients.

Key Takeaways from Assessment


  • The mortality rate due to prostate cancer is higher in Montgomery County than in the state overall, and 93 % more black men died of prostate cancer than white men in.
  • Montgomery County. Montgomery County also has the highest incidence rates for thyroid cancer in the state of Maryland.
  • Compared to hospitals nationally, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital has a higher incidence of lung cancer patients in the Asian population (9.9 % compared to only 1.83 % nationally).

Maternal Child Health

  • Blacks have highest rate of infant mortality in Montgomery County and statewide.
  • Hispanic and black women most likely to receive late or no prenatal care.
  • Adolescent birth rate among Hispanics 2x the rate of other adolescent populations statewide


  • Disproportionately affects minority populations and elderly.
  • 4th leading cause of death for black residents, compared to 8th among all Montgomery County residents


  • Montgomery County has the highest percentage of overweight children (1-4 yrs old) in the state of Maryland

Behavioral Health

  • One in 10 residents diagnosed with anxiety disorder; 17 % diagnosed with depressive disorders.
  • Hispanics and Asians report receiving less social and emotional support.
  • Rate of hospital discharges for bipolar disorder increased for Montgomery County (1999-2010), with two-fold increase in readmissions in past decade.
  • Prevalence of binge drinking in Montgomery County increased.
  • In Maryland, 81 % of those who committed suicide were men and 19 % were women; in Montgomery County, 68 % of suicides were men compared to 32 % who were women (2010).


  • Approximately 8,000 homeless residents are served by area shelters annually; homelessness amplifies the threat of various health conditions.

Other Entities

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