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2010 Media Coverage

The following is an assortment of Adventist HealthCare news stories from print, radio, television and Web in 2010.

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Receives Toy Donation from Generous Donor
Gazette (12/21/2010)
Conflicting Mammograms (12/09/2010)
  Letter to the editor: Ambulance technology will help save lives
Gazette (12/08/2010)
  Seniors Knit Hats For Premature Babies (12/07/2010)
Cold Symptom Remedy - How Does Chicken Soup Help?
WTOP Radio (12/03/2010)
Dr. Guarov Dayal, Chief Medical Officer for Adventist HealthCare, Explains Home Remedies for the Common Cold
WTOP Radio (12/03/2010)
Jamie Futterman, Outpatient Dietician, Discusses How to Eat Healthfully During the Holidays
WTOP Radio (11/23/2010)
  On the Fast Track
Advance Web (11/22/2010)
  Rockville hospital honored for cardiac, vascular services (11/22/2010)
  New Montgomery County ambulance equipment will keep hearts on the beatin' path (11/17/2010)
Dr. Alfred Munzer, Medical Director of Pulmonary Medicine, Discusses the Federal Government's Plans for Larger Warning Labels on Cigarette Packages
WTOP Radio (11/11/2010)
  Are You a Good Role Model?
Advance Web (11/02/2010)
What's the Difference in the Regular Flu and H1N1?
WTOP Radio (10/21/2010)
Why Do Certain Flu Strains Keeping Popping Up?
WTOP Radio (10/21/2010)
Flu Fallacy
WTOP Radio (10/19/2010)
Getting a Flu Shot is About More than Getting the Flu
WTOP Radio (10/19/2010)
Ad: Washington Adventist Hospital - A Trusted Name for Heart Care
WTOP Radio (10/18/2010)
Judy Lichty, Regional Director of Health and Wellness for Adventist HealthCare, Explains the Importance of Getting the Flu Shot
WTOP Radio (10/18/2010)
  Study Up on Flu Symptoms as Season Nears (10/15/2010)
Dr. Terry Jodrie, Emergency Physician, Discusses How the Flu Affects the Body
WTOP Radio (10/15/2010)
Shady Grove Hospital Celebrates 11th Annual NICU Reunion
ABC7 and (10/03/2010)
  Doctors Preach Prevention as Flu Season Nears (09/23/2010)
  Surgeon Group’s Move Ramps Up Heart Surgery Competition
Washington Business Journal (09/17/2010)
  Flu Vaccine Will Include H1N1 Protection This Year (09/08/2010)
Dr. Terry Jodrie, Emergency Physician, Discusses Rhabdomyolysis, the Condition Redskins Player Albert Haynesworth is Said to Have Had.
WTOP Radio (08/23/2010)
Dr. Christopher Magee, Orthopedic Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer, Discusses How Our Muscles and Joints Change as We Age
WTOP Radio (08/19/2010)
  Severe Storms Spark Summer Blues (08/18/2010)
  The Preemie Prism: As Her Twins Enter High School, a Mom Reflects on Their Perilous Journey
The Washington Post (08/15/2010)
  Non-Invasive Treatment To Help Angina Patients (08/10/2010)
Dr. Mark Turco, Interventional Cardiologist, Discusses New Research That Suggests a Low-carb Diet Could Be Better For Your Heart Than a Low-fat Diet
WTOP Radio (08/03/2010)
  Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland RNs Teach SCI Patients Self-care
Nursing Spectrum (07/12/2010)
  Solutions for Swimmer's Ear (07/10/2010)
Jaime Futterman, Outpatient Dietician, Discusses How to Keep Your Body Hydrated During the Heat Wave
WTOP Radio (07/07/2010)
Dr. Alfred Munzer, Pulmonary Medicine, Discusses Air Quality and Its Impact on the Respiratory System During the Heat Wave
WTOP Radio (07/06/2010)
Dr. Jonathan Wenk, Discusses Staying Hydrated and Staying Cool During the Heat Wave
WTOP Radio (07/06/2010)
Dr. Sung Lee, Electrophysiologist, Discusses Former Vice President Dick Cheney's Fluid Buildup from Heart Disease
NBC Today Show (06/27/2010)
Dr. Sung Lee, Electrophysiologist, Discusses Former Vice President Dick Cheney's Heart Disease
NBC Nightly News (06/26/2010)
Dr. Terry Jodrie, Emergency Physician, Discusses How to Stay Healthy in Hot, Humid Summer Heat
WTOP Radio (06/23/2010)
Keep Your Kids Safe From Harmful Summer Heat
WUSA 9 (06/24/2010)
  Adventist to Offer Radiation Oncology in Germantown (06/16/2010)
  Rockville Doctor Shares Haiti Experience with Upcounty Group (06/09/2010)
  Atrial Fibrillation is Easy to Find, but Evidence on How Best to Treat it Isn't
The Washington Post (06/08/2010)
Shady Grove Dermatologist, Dr. Lawrence Green, Discusses Skin and Sun Safety Ahead of Memorial Day Weekend
WTOP Radio (05/28/2010)
Shady Grove Dermatologist, Dr. Lawrence Green, Discusses New Findings on Sun Screen and Skin Cancer
WTOP Radio (05/25/2010)
  Montgomery County Hospitals Battle for Prize Turf
The Daily Record (05/17/2010)
  Rough Allergy Season. Why? (05/11/2010)
  MoCo Biz Group Backs Adventist HealthCare Hospital Plan
Washington Business Journal (04/22/2010)
Jamie Futterman, Registered Dietitian, Discusses FDA Plans to Limit Salt in Processed Foods for Health Reasons
WTOP Radio (04/20/2010)
  Rehabilitation Team Helps Trauma Patients in Haiti (03/31/2010)
  Inpatient Unit Offers Mental Health Services to Seniors (03/31/2010)
Erectile Dysfunction May Indicate Heart Disease And Death Risk
WUSA 9 (03/16/2010)
  Maryland Team Helping Earthquake Survivors
NBC4 TV (03/12/2010)
More People Surviving Heart Attacks
NBC 4 (03/11/2010)
  Adventist HealthCare Offers Free Health Screenings
Columbia Union Visitor (03/10/2010)
  Matching Skills to Jobs
The Baltimore Sun (03/04/2010)
WTOP's Man About Town Bob Madigan Promotes Hospitals Love Your Heart Community Event
WTOP Radio (02/11/2010)
Volunteers With 4-Wheel Drives Transport Hospital Workers
WUSA 9 (02/10/2010)
  Mending a Broken Heart (02/10/2010)
  Volunteer Drivers Get Hospital Workers Where They Need to Be
The Washington Post (02/10/2010)
  Emergency Planning for Homebound Aged
The Baltimore Sun (02/09/2010)
  Montgomery's First Baby of 2010 Born at Shady Grove (01/06/2010)
  Costly Case Raises Issues of Immigration, Health Care
The Washington Post (01/05/2010)
Area Babies Born First In 2010
WUSA9 TV (01/03/2010)

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