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Published on November 06, 2013

Kris Quinn & Interventional Cardiology


Kris Quinn
Patient: Kris Quinn, Gaithersburg, MD

Location: Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital

Service: Interventional Cardiology

Doctor: Michael Chen, MD

Kris Quinn of Gaithersburg is certainly not your typical 71-year-old. A kitchen designer by day and professor by night, she has a lot to keep her busy. The cardiac team at Washington Adventist Hospital provided this active grandmother with an innovative, minimally invasive approach for her heart problems that helped her recover just in time for a long-awaited family wedding.

Looking back, Quinn realized there were several signs of heart issues. She recalls one instance when she was chaperoning granddaughter Leanna’s class trip to the zoo. “I felt heavy pressure up my neck and down my arms,” she says. “I stopped for a couple of minutes, then kept walking, and the pressure went away.”

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0:00this trip was really up my very special time for my family especially my 0:05husband's family 0:06he had lost his I'm brother 0:09and sister-in-law within two years and 0:13this was a wedding for when the grandnephew person Hitchens 0:17simply did not want to miss swimming 0:20and sell it was important to me to be while now to travel 0:24my I would change three weeks maybe prior to 0:27I was having a lot of indigestion taking Thomson 0:31I'll feeling discomfort 0:34and then 0:35and on a Monday I'll let with my 0:38granddaughter and my daughter to this issue with her 0:42for screening lines and why we were walking around 0:46after lunch I I felt this pressure again 0:49I was pulling a hard with the kids lunch bags n 0:53it wasn't happy because we'd already had lunch but it it just seemed like it was 0:58heavy to me you know as I was walking on 1:01when I came home I told my husband about the use and what you didn't get mine 1:06you're really raises a very to presentation for engine 1:09for heart disease we got her and saw her we did a stress test which 1:13did help is localized within our teams like the block to cause the problems 1:17and and decomposition Charlie thereafter and deserve her blockage 1:20we're doing it the trans-racial approach that is the procedure to the rest might 1:25much more often on your status as time goes on 1:28patients would have given it had gotten here both ways 1:31the deadly prefer going to the racing going to look to the like 1:35better patient comfort patients who got when we go to the racing 1:38get it right away and 1:40they're not can buy the lane in Denmark a stripper some problems 1:43I was hoping that this trans radio procedure would be 1:47quicker 1:48because we have this big trip plan 1:51I was going to go and the doctor asked me 1:54you know do you want to wait a week use and Nell 1:58going on this trip I paid for it him he said well 2:02must see what I can do the key men I'm minutes later in the same 2:05weekend doing it and advanced task manager to come 2:09Park tomorrow and I said and done 2:14I did a coronary angiogram on Chris Canadian is where 2:17I put a catheter in not a blood vessel 2:21and I went to her resume this case 2:23and categories up to our heart and do that I then inject some contrast 2:27contrast lies in the blood vessels and we look for any blockages 2:30and then with blockages we did see once your marketing wonder vessels 2:34so then I did a coronary intervention cleanest and wonder vessels 2:39are hard to open up the blockage after the procedure 2:42I felt wonderful I felt I am 2:46kinda renewed it it's amazing how quickly you feel better afterwards 2:51I would definitely recommend 2:54administrators know for 2:56cardiac care they they were magnificent from the moment I walked into the 3:01hospital the people in receiving 3:05were worse so accommodating 3:07and 3:09when I went down to where the procedure 3:11was going to be done home everyone there was very welcoming 3:15I felt very comfortable from 3:19often torn down 3:22I thought everyone was there for me 3:24I felt like they were helping me can 3:28that was very 3:29because they don't get tested nizar on a couple weeks ago 3:33and I she's not not having any chances coverage has been active 3:37enjoy your grandkids and it's really got plenty to recovery 3:42unit and you got to know each other much better to learn she is very active 3:46professionally as well 3:48kitchen designer so adding on to try and keep my wife occurs 3:53apart from each other Duke 4:03in

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