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We’ll match your skills with the best settings. It’s easy to do, since we offer so many choices, and because we cover a large spectrum of healthcare services and specialties. You’ll find we are a great organization to stay with, no matter what your changing interests or growth plans.

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Behavioral Health

This unit serves the mental health needs of Adolescents, Adults, and Older Adults. The department is staffed by RN’s, Psychiatric Counselors, Social Workers and Unit Support Coordinators. A Clinical Nurse Specialist provides staff support.

Cardiac Rehab

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). Cardiac rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary program that assists patients with cardiovascular disease in achieving and maintaining optimal health. This is accomplished through a combination of exercise and education regarding risk factor reduction and lifestyle changes. All patients receive an initial assessment and the program is individually tailored by professional staff including physicians, registered nurses, and exercise physiologists.

A physician referral is required for participation. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of cardiac rehabilitation and our staff members are happy to help verify insurance coverage.

Cardiac Telemetry Nursing

The cardiac telemetry units focus on the care of patients having cardiac surgical and catheter-based procedures, as well as patients with medical cardiac conditions. These units are staffed with registered nurses, patient care technicians, monitor technicians, and unit support coordinators. Nurse practitioners manage all post-procedure patients. Clinical nurse specialists provide staff support.

Emergency Department

Our Level II Emergency Department is responsible for the immediate treatment of any medical, surgical or psychiatric emergency. The chest pain center provides timely, focused care for the patient with suspected acute myocardial infarction. Care is provided in collaboration with emergency physicians, registered nurses, and support staff. Patients range from minor injuries to serious life threatening cases.

Environmental Services

The primary function of this department is to provide a clean, safe and pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors. There is a daily interaction with the public and patients to provide information and to refer to others.

Intensive Care Unit

The ICU units provide care to high acuity patients with one or more major body system instability. These units are staffed with intensivists, registered nurses, patient care technicians, and unit support coordinators. Clinical nurse specialists provide staff support.

Intermediate Medical Care Nursing

This unit provides care to patients needing less attention than an intensive care unit, but more attention than a medical-surgical unit. A particular specialty of this unit is mechanical ventilator weaning. This unit is staffed with registered nurses, patient care technicians, and unit support coordinators. A clinical nurse specialist provides staff support.

Interventional Cardiology

This area provides pre- and post-procedure care to patients having cardiac and vascular catheter- based procedures. Staffing is comprised of critical care nurses, technicians, and unit support coordinators.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory’s functions and purpose are to perform laboratory testing as prescribed by a licensed medical physician and overseen by a medical director licensed in medical pathology. Orders are carried out by non-technical and technical staff. Results are available to the nursing units. Physician orders are transcribed and entered into the hospital information system with special requirements identified. Non-technical staff require a high school diploma and related work experience or training is provided for those not meeting the experience requirements. (Lab consists of Blood Bank, Phlebotomy, Microbiology, Histology, Pathology, Point of Care testing).

Medical-Surgical Nursing

The Med/Surg units are staffed with registered nurses, patient care technicians, and unit support coordinators. All units have cardiac telemetry monitoring capabilities. Clinical nurse specialists provide staff support.

Patient Access

The Patient Access Representatives in this department serve the hospital and it’s external customers in various ways. All patients are registered into the hospital computer system. This process establishes their healthcare visit throughout the hospital system so that needed testing and services can be accessed readily.


The Pharmacy offers a full range of services from Unit Dose to Clinical Pharmacy Services. We have Registered Pharmacists and Support Personnel including Pharmacy Technicians and Departmental Computer Specialists.

Radiation Oncology

This department administers radiation to cancer patients. Though it is in a hospital, the majority of the patients treated here are outpatients. We have 2 Linear accelerators that administer the treatments. The staff provide emergency on-call services when appropriate. They also provide several services to the patients from external beam irradiation to GYN cesium implantation to prostate seed implants. In addition there is an active intra-vascular coronary artery radiation therapy program.

Rehab Medicine

The Rehabilitation Department includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology. The purpose of the rehabilitation service is to restore patients to their maximum functional potential. This process is accomplished through preventive programs, patient/family education, and identification, treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic physical dysfunction and pain. The licensed, professional therapists are trained to provide services for adolescents, adults and older adults. Referrals to the department can be made by any licensed physician, dentist, podiatrist or osteopath.


The Security department’s job is to ensure a safe and secure environment for all patients, employees and visitors. Security Officers have daily contact with patients, visitors and employees to provide information, security, and assistance as needed. The Security Chief ensures enforcement of all regulations, policies and procedures essential to a safe and secure environment. The officers monitor and investigate incidents and maintain a liaison with law enforcement agencies.

Social Work

This department provides discharge planning services to patients and their families. There is daily contact with patients and families to provide care, and with physicians and hospital employees to provide consultation. The key players on this team consist of Assistant Discharge Planners, and Social Workers.

Surgical Services

There are five distinct departments that provide care to patients in the immediate perioperative period – the operating room, endoscopy, post-anesthesia care unit, short stay, and pre-admission testing. These areas are staffed with registered nurses, surgical assistants, physician assistants, technicians and other support staff.


The Telecommunications department is responsible for providing telecommunications services 24 hours a day, seven-days per week, including holidays. The department has Telephone Operators who are responsible for answering and directing calls to the correct areas and providing information to physicians, hospital staff and the community. The Telephone Operators are also responsible for announcing codes and notifying the appropriate code teams. They monitor many of the alarm systems for the hospital such as: fire alarm, medical gas alarms, blood bank alarm, code blue alarms, etc.


Provides transportation to and from all areas of the hospital and other assistance as needed to support specific areas of hospital. Provides service 7 days a week. The staffing of the department is adjusted to meet the transportation requests throughout the day. Patients are transported between various departments in the hospital. Transporters also discharge patients from the units, deliver mail and some supplies.

Women’s Health Services

There are three distinct departments: labor and delivery, mother-baby, and nursery. The patient care team consists of physicians, registered nurses, lactation consultants, patient care technicians and unit support coordinators. A clinical nurse specialist provides staff support.

EOE/Pre-employment drug screening and mandatory flu vaccine. We are a tobacco-free campus.

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