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Job Search FAQ's

Prior to contacting us with questions regarding the Adventist HealthCare job application process, please be sure to view our Frequently Asked Questions below.

I am having difficulty logging into the Adventist HealthCare Careers site.

If you have previously registered for an account, but are unsure of your username and/or password, click on the ‘Login Help' link from the screen where you are trying to log in. From that help page, you should be able to either enter your User Name and click 'Get New Password' or enter your e-mail address to ‘Find Username.' This will cause the system to e-mail you the requested information. If you have been e-mailed a new password, you can then change the password to something more familiar by clicking on the 'My Contact Information' link and clicking 'Change Password.'

Please note: If you do not receive an e-mail, please check your junk folder to make sure that your e-mail system isn't filtering our messages to you.

If you have not previously registered for an account, click on the ‘Register Now' link from the screen where you are trying to log in. This will navigate you to a page where you can establish a new username and password for your account and review our First Time Users Guide.

What is the recommended Internet connection and web browser?

Although faster Internet connections like DSL or cable modem are preferred, you should be able to also use a dial-up connection. However, if you are using a dial-up connection, please allow for the pages to load completely and for the system to finish processing before completing the next question or section of the application.

It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer version 6.0 or greater when using the web application.

Note: Popup Blockers, web security applications, and firewalls can impact this website. If you are encountering issues, please set your browser to the default settings and temporarily disable popup blockers and other security applications that are effecting the site.

My session timed out. Why?

For your security, if your session is inactive for 40 minutes, it will be timed out. You will need to log back in to restart the application process.

When navigating throughout the site, please do not use your browser's Back button as this can cause your session to expire. Instead, use the Return to Previous Page links located within the application.

I am having difficulty finding a specific job posting.

On average, Adventist HealthCare has on average 500 jobs posted. To make your search easier, use the advanced search option and search for jobs by key words specific to your experience, location, and schedule desires. This will return better results.

I do not have an e-mail address. What do I do?

Our goal is to communicate to our candidates frequently and effectively. Due to the volume of applications, we cannot send everyone a hard copy letter. In order to receive important communication from Adventist HealthCare about your application, you must have an active e-mail address. In the future, we plan to communicate your application status more frequently via e-mail.

These three websites offer free email service:

Why is an email address required?

Due to a high volume of applicants, email may be used to contact you regarding the status of your application. Please provide an email address you check regularly. This is our best means to communicate with you.

Am I able to apply to the same job posting twice?

Once you have applied to a job posting, you will not be able to apply to that same posting again. However, we encourage you to visit our site often to search and apply for similar job opportunities.

I would like to submit my resume without applying to a specific position. How can I do that?

You must apply to a specific position to be considered an applicant at Adventist HealthCare.

I would like to edit a resume that I have uploaded, but I am having difficulty.

If you are having difficulty opening an uploaded resume, temporarily disable any popup blockers and press and hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the link. This will bring up a view only version of your resume. If you wish to change your resume, you can save the view only version of your resume to your computer, edit and save there, and then upload this edited version the next time you apply for a job opening.

I would like to edit a resume and application I have previously submitted for a position. How can I do that?

Once you complete the application process for a specific position, there is no way to go back and edit what was previously submitted. Please take time to properly ensure the information you are submitting in the application process is accurate and what you want it to be.

Why did my resume fail to upload?

Possible problems may include:

    1. The resume file was too large or was in not the correct format.
    2. Only resumes with the following file extensions can be uploaded: DOC or DOCX (Microsoft Word) or TXT (Notepad or a text editor).
    3. Files must be less than 500KB in size.
    4. We recommend that you verify the size and format of your resume and try to upload again.
    5. The resume document contained a virus or the file was corrupt
    6. You may want to rebuild your resume in another document if the current file contains a virus or is corrupt.
    7. The Internet connection failed during the upload process.
    8. If the upload process continues to encounter errors, please utilize the Copy and Paste option to continue with the application process, or try to apply at a later time.

      Can I submit my resume via paper?

      Adventist HealthCare only accepts electronic applications and resumes.

      Why did some of my resume not default correctly into the application?

      Our system utilizes software to automatically default resume data into the application section. Based on individual formatting of resumes, at times, this data may not populate accurately. Therefore, it is essential that you review all populated information to ensure accuracy, and make corrections as necessary.

      How will I know that I have successfully submitted my application?

      The application is complete once you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the application, and clicked on the final Submit button. You will receive confirmation on the screen that the application has been successfully submitted. You also will receive a confirmation e-mail.

      What should I expect to happen after I submit my application?

      Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail response verifying that Adventist HealthCare received your application(s). A human resource representative may then review the application to assess your qualifications in relation to the position. Based on your education and employment background, you may be contacted for further screening and/or an interview. We do our best to facilitate an efficient and timely recruitment and hiring process; however, we do not follow a specific timeline.

      I would like to update an application that I just submitted. How can I do that?

      Your submission is considered your official application and is what will be used to assess your skills for the position for which you applied. Once you submit your information to a specific position, the application cannot be changed.

      How can I contact Human Resources regarding a position?

      Due to the volume of inquiries, we are not able to respond directly to each applicant. Your application will be reviewed, and if Adventist HealthCare is interested in your background, an Adventist HealthCare recruiter will contact you for an interview.

      Why did a recruiter call me for a position I did not apply to?

      Your applications are kept in our database for future reference so we can continue to consider you for additional positions. All of Adventist HealthCare's divisions share access to this information, so you may be contacted for a position for which you did not apply.

      I have a functional or technical question regarding the Adventist HealthCare job application process that was not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

      Please utilize our Online Information Request Form to send us your inquiries and issues.

      EOE/Pre-employment drug screening and mandatory flu vaccine. We are a tobacco-free campus.