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Health Professional Training and Education

As the diversity of our community continues to change and develop, providing health care that is culturally sensitive goes to the heart of our mission as an organization. 

The community that Adventist serves is very diverse. About 30% of Montgomery County residents are immigrants and 35% speak a language other than English at home. Each person in a culture has his or her own unique set of health beliefs and practices that can vary by age, gender, religious beliefs, and socioeconomic status. The Center for Health Equity and Wellness training and research activities help providers become more knowledgeable about the patients they serve, and more sensitive and responsive to their particular needs.

Meeting the needs of a culturally diverse population makes Adventist HealthCare a leader in providing quality care and services. Taking patient’s cultural beliefs and values into account can result in:

  • Better communication and understanding of a person’s cultural background, health beliefs, and values.
  • Better care that is in keeping with their cultural beliefs.
  • Better adherence to recommended treatments.
  • Better trust of healthcare workers and higher satisfaction among patients.
  • Better health outcomes for all patients.
  • Reduction of health disparities.
  • Compliance with federal regulations and medical accreditation requirements.

The Center for Health Equity and Wellness is leading Adventist HealthCare's goal of providing culturally and linguistically appropriate care and services to a diverse patient population.

The communities that we serve are not just racially diverse but vary in terms of country of origin, preferred language for discussing health care, culture, religion, special needs, and socio-economic status. Some local populations exhibit different health beliefs, practices and health seeking behaviors that are different from our Western medical practice.

The Center for Health Equity and Wellness equips our community and providers with the necessary tools to provide care for our diverse community in a culturally competent way.

Center on Health Disparities

2013 Progress Report

Our Progress Report demonstrates how patient data can be analyzed through a health equity framework to identify and address possible disparities in health care.

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Upcoming Events

  • Oct
    8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    Join Centra Care Adventist HealthCare Urgent Care for Free Flu Shot Fridays this October when the first 75 flu shots each Friday are FREE for ages 4 years and older!
  • Oct
    10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    For aspiring mother’s helpers and babysitters (boys and girls 11 to 15), this class covers accident prevention and basic care of infants and children.
  • Oct
    10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Adventist HealthCare is providing flu shots for adults and children (pediatric) in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, Maryland and the surrounding communities.

Cultural Competence

As the diversity of our community continues to change, providing health care that is culturally sensitive goes to the heart of our mission as an organization.