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Help Stop the Flu

Welcome to, the official website of Adventist HealthCare’s annual flu education and vaccination campaign.

Flu & Pneumonia

Seasonal Flu

It is estimated that more than 25 million cases of influenza are reported each year- leading to 200,000 hospitalizations and a range of 3,300 to about 49,000 deaths annually in the United States. Annual flu vaccines are the best defense against the flu for children and adults. Below are some facts about the seasonal flu and seasonal flu vaccine. Learn More About the Seasonal Flu


Pneumococcal disease is a leading cause of serious illness in children and adults throughout the world. The disease is caused by a common bacterium, the pneumococcus, which can attack different parts of the body. When bacteria invade the lungs, they cause the most common form of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia. Learn More About Pneumonia

Latest News

Community news and announcements from the 2011-2012 flu season.

01/18/2013 The Evolution, and Revolution, of Flu Vaccines
01/13/2013 A Snapshot of Influenza Activity in All 50 States
09/19/2012 The Lifesaving Item on Your 'To-do' List
08/31/2012 Tobacco Smoke Tied to Flu Complications in Kids
08/29/2012 NIH Scientists Map First Steps in Flu Antibody Development
08/29/2012 Children with Neurologic Disorders at High Risk of Death from Flu
07/10/2012 H1N1 Flu Shot Appears Safe During Pregnancy
06/25/2012 Pandemic H1N1 Flu Killed Far More than Reported: Study
02/24/2012 Flu Season Off to a Very Late Start: CDC
01/20/2012 What Happens Behind the Scenes before You Receive Your Flu Vaccine
01/18/2012 Flu Season Off to a Slow Start, So Far
01/02/2012 1st Case of Flu Confirmed in State
12/11/2011 Add Flu Shots to the Top of Your Winter To-do List
12/01/2011 How to Stay Flu-Free for the Holidays
10/20/2011 Flu Shots for Pregnant Women Also Protect Newborns
09/21/2011 CDC Urges Americans: Get Your Flu Shot
09/21/2011 Don't Put Off Flu Shot, There's Plenty For All, CDC Says
09/21/2011 CDC Urges All Americans to Get Flu Shots
09/20/2011 Giving Flu Vaccine To U.S. Kids Cuts ER Visits
09/16/2011 CDC: 115 Kids Died of Flu Last Season, Most Weren't Vaccinated
09/14/2011 Pregnant Women Reminded to Get Flu Vaccine
09/01/2011 Last Year's Flu Shot Won't Protect Kids This Season
08/19/2011 CDC: Don't Skip This Year's Flu Shot
08/19/2011 Influenza Vaccine Guidelines Set by CDC: Who Needs Flu Shot?
08/18/2011 CDC Updates Flu Vaccination Recommendations
08/18/2011 CDC Says More Pregnant Women, Health-Care Workers Need Flu Shot
08/18/2011 CDC Urging Every American to Get it, More Produced for Upcoming Season
08/18/2011 CDC Urging All American to Get Flu Shots
08/11/2011 Flu Vaccinations Pushed for Maryland Hospitals
07/27/2011 Long-term, Universal Flu Shot on Horizon
07/18/2011 FDA Approves Vaccines for the 2011-2012 Influenza Season
07/18/2011 The Flu Vaccine is On its Way
07/11/2011 H1N1 and Obesity
07/08/2011 Universal Flu Vaccine a Step Closer
06/29/2011 Flu Season Prep: Pregnant Women Should Get Vaccinated
06/27/2011 Flu Shots for Pregnant Women Also Protect Newborns
06/23/2011 ACIP Recommends Flu Vaccine for Egg-Allergic Persons

AHC Employee Family Members

Family members of Adventist HealthCare employees are invited to attend the Help Stop the Flu community flu clinics to receive a flu vaccine.

  • Flu vaccines are FREE to employees' family members who are covered under the Adventist HealthCare medical plan. Please bring to the community flu vaccine clinic the Adventist HealthCare medical plan card as proof of coverage.
  • Flu vaccines for employees' immediate family members who are not covered under the Adventist HealthCare medical plan are available at a discounted cost of $15. Employees should bring their employee ID badge and accompany their family members to the community flu shot clinic for the discounted rate.

For more information about flu vaccines for family members of Adventist HealthCare employees, call Health & Wellness at 1-800-542-5096.

Flu & Pneumonia Videos

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