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Help Stop the Flu

"Help Stop the Flu" Campaign

Influenza Imposed Burden

An estimated 25 million to 50 million cases of influenza are currently reported each year - leading to approximately 150,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths annually in the United States. With hospital visits and additional health-care costs rising, influenza poses an economic burden to businesses and the broader community. For example, each year, influenza is responsible for significant lost productivity in the United States. Recent estimates put the costs of the flu in the U.S. at $71 billion to $167 billion annually. Other impacts of influenza include:

  • Children 7 and under lose an average of 2.5 school days to influenza.
  • Adults can lose an average of:
    • 2.4 days incapacitated or confined to a bed
    • 2.8 work days being sick with influenza
    • 1.3 work days caring for a child 7 or under with influenza
  • Up to 111 million adult workdays - costing $7 billion - are lost every year to influenza in sick days and lost productivity

Each year Adventist HealthCare vaccinates approximately 10,000 residents through flu shot events at our facilities, churches, malls, business and community centers. Through its two hospitals in Montgomery County (Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist and Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center), Adventist HealthCare provides more flu shots to the community than any other Maryland hospital in the area.

2016 Flu Campaign Events

Adventist HealthCare has partnered with WTOP (103.5 FM Radio) and M&T Bank, to bring a special flu clinic, offering free vaccinations for the day.

2016 Flu Campaign Goals

The 2016 "Help Stop the Flu" campaign will aim to educate the community about the importance of annual flu vaccinations. In addition, the campaign will sponsor a number of flu vaccination clinics throughout the community at Centra Care Adventist HealthCare Urgent Care and at businesses through Adventist HealthCare LifeWork Strategies.

2016 Flu Campaign Partners

Adventist HealthCare is pleased to partner with WTOP Radio and M&T Bank for the 2016 "Help Stop the Flu" campaign.

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