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Health Assessments, Tools & Calculators

Health assessments, tools and calculators to help yourself and your family stay healthy!

Check Your Heart Health

Discover your 'heart age' and your risk for heart disease with our quick and easy assessment. Then talk with a nurse about your results. Get on the path to hearth health!

Take FREE Heart Health Assessment

Keep Your Knees and Hips Moving

Find out how well your knees and hips are working - and whether joint pain affects your quality of life.

Take FREE Knee/Hip Assessment

Interactive Health Calculators

Body Mass Index (BMI)
Calorie Burner
Cost of Smoking
Germ Prevention
Healthy Weight
Ideal Weight
Nutritional Needs
Pregnancy Weight Gain
Target Heart Rate
Waist to Hip Ratio
Weight Conversion

Pediatric & Pregnancy:
Baby Growth Chart
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Child Growth Chart
Due Date
Germ Prevention
Ovulation Day
Popular Baby Names
Safe Backpack Weight

Interactive Health Lifelines

Women's Screenings
Men's Screenings
Pregnancy Health
Pediatric Milestones

Interactive Health Quizzes

Breast Cancer Quiz
Diabetes Quiz
Flu Quiz
Heart Quiz
Lung Cancer Quiz
Obesity Quiz
Sleep Disorders Quiz
Stroke Quiz
Will Quiz

Interactive Safety Houses

Fall Risk Safety
Farm Safety
Fire Safety
Garage Safety
General Safety

Poison Safety
Suffocation Safety
Toy Safety
Water Safety