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A Stitch in Time

The kids were just back in school after the winter holidays, when Stephanie Greco got a call from her son’s school. Nicholas had been playing football at recess, had slipped on a rock and cut his knee. He’d require stitches. It wouldn’t be the first time, thought Stephanie. Fortunately for her energetic son, there was an Emergency Center at Germantown now conveniently only six minutes away.

“He’s…well…a risk-taking kid,” explains Stephanie. “We keep telling him, ‘You’ve got to remember your body’.” But Nicholas, now age 11, has had several visits to the Shady Grove Pediatric Emergency Department over the years. “He’s had at least 14 stitches total,” calculates his mother, “Plus, he broke his nose when he was two.”

However, this was Nicholas’s first trip to the Adventist HealthCare Germantown Emergency Center in Germantown. His father, Paul, picked Nicholas up from school and took him to the new facility. “I knew it was open,” says Stephanie, “and thank goodness it was.” The center was just six minutes away.

How did it go? “Paul couldn’t say enough about it. Everyone was so responsive, efficient and helpful,” recalls Stephanie. Nicholas needed five stitches for his knee, but wasn’t much upset by his injury. “He’s been through this before,” says his mother. “And in fact, I think it’s always the parents who get more scared and worried.”

That’s another reason the Grecos appreciate the Emergency Center. “You walk in, and you get expert care quickly in this beautiful new facility. Being that convenient makes it easier for the whole family.”

The Grecos have lots of good things to say about the new center and its staff. “I tell everybody, all the parents of Nicholas’s friends, I’ve been there myself. It’s a high level of care for all ages. I’m so glad they’re here for us. And,” she adds, “I’m sure we’ll be visiting again.”

How You Can Help

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