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When all that matters is...

...a clearly spoken word.

Buddy Harding knows he’s a lucky man. His stroke occurred in the morning before his wife had left for work. Elizabeth recognized the symptoms: a sudden numbness or weakness of the face or body and an inability to speak or walk. “She knew right off the bat,” Buddy says, telling him he was having a stroke even as she called the ambulance.

When Buddy arrived at Shady Grove, he couldn’t speak or move his arms or legs. Each second mattered: a stroke can mean the death of two million brain cells every minute.

Our specialized, integrated Stroke Team sprang into action, using imaging technology to learn the specific type of stroke Buddy had suffered. Blood clots cause about 80% of strokes — including Buddy’s. Our team administered a drug that dissolves clots, and his symptoms began to reverse before their eyes. “They gave me a shot,” Buddy said, “and by 11 a.m. I could talk again.”

Buddy spent three days in our Intensive Care Unit, looked after by physicians and a core group of ICU nurses who are specially trained in stroke care.

Stroke services are a priority for Shady Grove, and in 2007 the hospital was designated a Primary Stroke Center by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems. EMS personnel now know to bring stroke victims here for the rapid, expert care needed to save lives and limit disabilities. Here, too, is the follow-through for treating the whole person and preventing a re-occurrence — diagnosis and treatment of the stroke’s root cause, as well as diet and exercise counseling, physical therapy, and support groups.

Hours after being released from the ICU to a non-acute medical unit, Buddy was back home with his wife — and his five talkative parrots. Today he is as good as ever. “I’ve got no effects from it. They took real good care of me.”

How You Can Help

Interested in helping patients like Buddy and other stroke patients in our Primary Stroke Center? Contact the Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center Foundation at (240) 826-6570 to learn more about our giving opportunities and how your gracious contribution can be best directed to help.

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