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When all that matters is...

...getting from here to there.

It all started with a basketball injury at age fifteen. Years of knee surgeries, treatments, and arthritis followed until Marguerite Nedzelnitsky’s pain became so severe she could barely walk across a room or sit through a movie. “I realized something had to be done. I was ready.”

“It takes a lot of courage,” Marguerite says now, just a little more than a year after her knee replacement surgery, her physical therapy behind her. But Marguerite was determined. Her doctors, who “work their wonders” at Shady Grove, agreed, advising her that because of her history, her surgery would be unusually complex.

Marguerite began the process by attending our Total Joint Replacement “Boot Camp”, where former patients share their experiences and join staff in helping surgery candidates better understand what lies ahead. Marguerite learned, for example, how quickly patients are able and expected to sit on the side of their bed (the same night after surgery) and even take a few steps (the day after!) The Camp is just one way Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center treats the whole patient’s emotional as well as physical needs.

Marguerite’s surgery, followed by rigorous, structured physical therapy, gave her “a new lease on life.” She’s now able to comfortably enjoy an evening out or travel with her husband abroad.

Shady Grove’s Joint Center performs over 500 knee and hip replacements a year. More than 85% of its patients are discharged directly home, most patients are driving in less than three weeks, and when the healing process is over there is little or no pain.

That was Marguerite’s experience. “I’m extremely comfortable. I just feel so much better.” Marguerite’s doctors give her equal credit. “They told me, ‘We couldn’t have done it without you.’ It’s really a partnership with the surgeon.” Now walking without a limp and full of energy, Marguerite brings her story to new “Boot Camp” members. She volunteers at the program several times a month to encourage and motivate candidates. “I am so thankful and happy. I want to share my enthusiasm.”

How You Can Help

Interested in helping patients like Marguerite and others in our Joint Center? Contact the Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center Foundation at (240) 826-6570 to learn more about our giving opportunities and how your gracious contribution can be best directed to help.

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