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Maternity & Childbirth

Perfect Beginnings

Every woman has her own ideas, dreams and expectations about the birth experience. At Washington Adventist Hospital, we designed our Women's and Infant's Center to exceed your expectations, providing sophisticated medical care in a warm, supportive environment. Best of all, you have the freedom to create your own birth plan for a birth experience that will be joyful, memorable and most importantly, right for you and your baby.

When You're Expecting

At Washington Adventist Hospital, we can help you plan the birth experience that's right for you and your baby. We believe that if you know what to expect during childbirth and can make informed decisions about labor, birth and parenting, you will feel more confident and comfortable during the birth experience.

We offer a wide range of parent education programs, including tours of the hospital and courses on labor and delivery, parenting, baby care, breastfeeding, cesarean birth and vaginal birth after cesarean. Classes are also available for siblings and grandparents.

Because every birth is unique, we take a flexible approach that allows us to accommodate individual preferences regarding the birth experience.

Labor & Delivery

Our birth suites are designed to make the birth experience joyful and memorable, with a home-like environment that is fully supported by state-of-the-art equipment. The suites are also called labor/delivery/recovery rooms because mothers can give birth without being moved from one room to another.

In addition to their personal physician, our patients can depend on 24-hour coverage by board-certified obstetricians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians and nurses--all of whom are available at a moment's notice.

Upon arrival at the Mother Baby Unit, mothers may keep their babies with them as long as they like--in fact, we encourage mothers to keep their babies with them as long as possible in order to foster mother/child bonding.

Maternity & Childbirth Services at Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, MD


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Childbirth Classes & Tours

Washington Adventist Hospital offers childbirth classes as well as hospital tours to help expecting families prepare for their big day.

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