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EXPLORE Adventist HealthCare

Programs & Services

The Lourie Center is proud to bring the following programs and services to our community and its children:

Early Head Start Program
Providing comprehensive, year-round, child and family development services to low-income families with children, prenatal to three years old.

Parent-Child Clinical Services
Outpatient clinic offering a comprehensive approach to the early identification, treatment and prevention of emotional, behavioral and developmental problems.

Therapeutic Nursery Program
Two specialized preschools that address the needs of young children 3 and 4 years of age with emotional and behavioral problems that may interfere with success in a regular setting.

The Lourie Center School
Serving children four to 12 years of age (including grades N4, kindergarten, and one to five) with emotional disabilities and/or multiple disabilities that interfere with learning, functioning and availability for learning in a typical classroom setting.

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Is you child experiencing behavioral, emotional, or developmental problems that are interfering with the school activities? We can help. Request a free consultation to be contacted by a Lourie Center representative today!



Clinical Training Program

Learn more about our training opportunities in clinical social work and clinical psychology for advanced students seeking experience in parent-child clinical services.