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Clinical Training Program at The Lourie Center

Training Opportunities

The Lourie Center for Social & Emotional Wellness offers training opportunities in clinical psychology to advanced students seeking experience and training in parent-child clinical work. The Lourie Center is affiliated with Adventist Healthcare. We accept exceptional first year social work interns, second year social work interns and third and fourth year (pre-internship) psychology externs. Applicants with some clinical child experience and testing (Ph.D./Psy.D.) are preferred. We seek diversity in our applicants and encourage students with multilingual skills to apply for placement.

Core Training Experience

All students will gain experience in interventions with young children and their families from a relational, psychodynamic perspective with emphasis on understanding the child within an intergenerational family context. Clinical application of attachment theory is a central focus. Student caseloads vary based on discipline, experience, and schedule. All students participate in a student seminar, which offers a thoughtful integration of theory and ongoing clinical practice. All students receive reflective supervision based on their program/degree needs.

Time and Scheduling Expectations

A minimum commitment of 16 hours per week from September through May of the calendar year is expected (or as scheduled by the student’s academic program). Ideally, students would be able to be at the Lourie Center three days per week. Attendance at Student Seminar, typically held Thursday mornings is mandatory. Students involved in the TNP will attend staff meetings either Thursday from 1:30-2:30 or Wednesday from 2-3; TNP group supervision is Wednesday 3-4pm. Students who are involved in the parent-child clinical services program will have mandatory meetings mid-day on most Wednesdays including staff meetings and monthly trainings.

The center is open 5 days a week 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday thru Thursday, and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Fridays. Students who are seeing clients in the parent-child clinical services program are expected to commit to one late evening (until 8pm) per week. Students who are in the Therapeutic Nursery Program may be expected to arrive at early to participate in team meetings before children arrive for the day. The TNP school day is from 8am-12pm or 8am-3pm, depending on the classroom.

Application Process

The application process is open but we will close for Psychology Trainees on February 28th to conform with the consortium match dates.

Applicants may apply through their school program’s online application procedures, if available, or send a letter of intent, CV, two references and examples of writing (e.g. test reports, evaluations etc.), to Ms. Jessica Rotem, LMSW, Training Coordinator at For further information please contact Ms. Rotem at 301-761-2758.

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