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Head Start Program Services

Year-round Intensive Services

Head Start focuses on promoting healthy relationships as the context for all learning and growth. Children and their families receive year-round weekly services until the child reaches the age of three. Therefore, staff have the opportunity to establish close relationships with families and work in partnership with parents towards achieving goals for children and families.

Home Visits

Home visiting has proven to be particularly effective with families seeking assistance in parenting their young children. Our bilingual Home Visitors go into the home to assist the family in identifying and meeting goals for the child and the parent. We provide direct assistance in helping the parent learn effective parenting strategies, reinforcing the parent as the child's first and most important nurturer, teacher and advocate, and learning to use the home as a learning environment.

Center-based Child Care

The Head Start Program provides center-based services for children and their parents through a collaboration with two center-based child care sites in Prince George's County, University Christian Church Childcare Center and Northwestern High School, and several family childcare centers in both Prince George's County and Montgomery County.

Bi-monthly Group Socializations for Home Based Families

Families have opportunity to learn from one another and allow the children a chance to play together.

Maternal & Child Health

Head Start assures that pregnant women receive prenatal care and educational services, and that newborn children receive a medical visit within two weeks of birth. We also assure that all children receive appropriate health and developmental screening and referrals to other agencies for any identified problems/needs. Head Start provides inclusive services to children with diagnosed disabilities.

Parent Involvement & Governance

We encourage parent involvement in governance, including approval of staff hiring and dismissal, and advice and consent of all budgets and program policies. This is a unique feature of all Head Start programs.

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Clinical Training Program

Learn more about our training opportunities in clinical social work and clinical psychology for advanced students seeking experience in parent-child clinical services.