2016 Annual Report - Adventist HealthCare

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Annual Report

Care. Compassion. Community.

Adventist HealthCare has remained true to our mission and values for more than 100 years. This annual report provides a small snapshot of our latest work in the community.

Serving Our Community

Community benefits are programs and services designed to improve health in communities and increase access to health care. We provided $75M in charity care and community benefit in Maryland during 2014 alone, including:

$22.4M in Charity Care

Charity care is free or discounted health care and health-related services provided to uninsured, low-income patients who are not expected to pay all or part of a bill, or who are able to pay only a portion.

Charity Care by Entity
Shady Grove Medical Center$10,238,461
Washington Adventist Hospital$9,217,136
Physical Health & Rehabilitation$2,086,400
Behavioral Health & Wellness$850,928

$10M in Community Health Services

Community health services include activities carried out to improve community health. They extend beyond patient care activities and are usually subsidized by the health care organization.

Community Health Services by Entity
Shady Grove Medical Center$4,293,222
Washington Adventist Hospital$4,564,113
Physical Health & Rehabilitation$575,424
Behavioral Health & Wellness$479,698

$28M in Community Building Activities

Community-building activities include cash, in-kind donations, and budgeted expenditures for the development of community health programs and partnerships.

Community Building Activities by Entity
Shady Grove Medical Center$1,408,414
Washington Adventist Hospital$1,014,280
Physical Health & Rehabilitation$170,972
Behavioral Health & Wellness$205,577

Meet Our Patients

We’re writing new chapters in the lives of our patients, their families and our community daily. These are just a few of their stories...

  • Bruce Feinberg, Home Care Patient
  • The Craines, NICU Patients
  • Amy Kriewaldt Hudson, Joint Replacement Patient

About Us

As you get to know more about us, you may have some important questions including...

Who are we?

OUR ROLE: We are the first and largest provider of healthcare in the Montgomery County, Maryland, and have served the Washington, DC metropolitan region since 1907. In addition, we have a long-standing tradition as the largest provider of charity care and community benefit in Montgomery County.

What is our plan?

OUR VISION: We will be a high-performance integrator of wellness, disease management and healthcare services, delivering superior health outcomes, extraordinary patient experience and exceptional value to those we serve.


OUR MISSION: We demonstrate God’s care by improving the health of people and communities through a ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing.

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Our History

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How You Can Help

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AHC By The Numbers (2017)

1 Accountable Care Organization
4 Hospitals
1,703 Physicians/Medical Staff
5,500 Employees
6,589 Covered Lives
6,657 Newborns
7,966 Surgerical Admissions
13,256 Outpatient Surgeries
24,564 Medical Admissions
54,000 Health & Wellness Encounters
79,586 Volunteer Hours
110,216 Emergency Visits
111,409 Home Health Visits
423,961 Outpatient Visits
752,000 Overall Encounters
$73,038,449 Community Benefit

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