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Our brand is a reflection of who we are, where we started and where we are going. It helps tell our story.

Our History

We are the first and largest healthcare system in Montgomery County focused on a mission of improving the health of people and communities through a ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. Our commitment to caring for our community began in 1907 and continues today with a full system of care that includes dietitians, therapists, nurses, behavioral health experts, health educators, physicians and support staff dedicated to keeping our community healthy and living life well.

Our Names

We added “Adventist HealthCare” to the front of each facility name to signal that we are all part of a comprehensive health system - the first and largest healthcare system in Montgomery County. In some cases, we also adjusted our facility names to accommodate this change. Our new approach to our brand is intended to reflect our commitment to whole person care and the broad range of health and wellness services that we provide to the community.