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Media Contact: Betty Klinck

Published on December 09, 2004

Washington Adventist Hospital Uses New Total Knee Replacement Procedure

Procedure Results in Less Wound Pain Post Operatively and Shorter Overall Recovery

Takoma Park, MD - Doctors at Washington Adventist Hospital have begun using a new, minimally invasive procedure to perform total knee replacement surgery.

The procedure, known as minimally invasive total knee replacement surgery, is currently performed at only a few centers in the region.

Each year some 210,000 Americans undergo knee replacement surgery to treat osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the leading reason for knee replacement surgery in the United States. Conventional knee replacement surgery requires an eight- to 12-inch incision running from the knee into the quadriceps muscle.

The quadriceps-sparing design of the new procedure uses smaller, ergonomically designed instruments. These smaller instruments allow for a smaller 4- to 6-inch incision. This smaller incision theoretically results in less wound pain post operatively, and a shorter overall recovery.

"The most critical aspect of knee replacement surgery is to end up with a knee that is properly aligned and a perfect fit for each patient," notes Christopher Magee, Orthopedic Surgeon at Washington Adventist Hospital. "Minimally invasive total knee replacement surgery is not the right choice for every patient but it offers a new option because, in appropriate individuals, the smaller incision may allow earlier, less painful mobilization after surgery. Whether this will translate into a better functioning knee down the road remains to be seen."

Washington Adventist Hospital is a 318-bed hospital that provides a number of health care services for the community. In addition to orthopedic services, the hospital offers cardiology and cardiac surgery, mental health services, radiation oncology, maternity services, emergency medical care, neurology and prevention-oriented health programs for the community. The hospital employs approximately 1,700 health care professionals and is part of the Adventist HealthCare system.

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