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Media Contact: Tom Grant

Published on April 24, 2008

News Release

Washington Adventist Hospital Receives Approvals from Montgomery County Planning Board for Hospital Relocation

Takoma Park , MD -Washington Adventist Hospital today received its first approvals and recommendations that clear the way to relocate the county's oldest hospital from its small, congested campus in Takoma Park in order to provide improved health-care services for the communities it serves.

In a unanimous vote, the Montgomery County Planning Board recommended that the county Board of Appeals approve the hospital's special exception.  If approved, the special exception would allow Washington Adventist Hospital to be relocated to a 48-acre parcel of land near the White Oak/Calverton section of Montgomery County along the Prince George 's County border.

At today's hearing, Montgomery County Park and Planning's Development Review Chief Rose Krasnow noted "overwhelming public support" for the hospital, saying Park and Planning received 700 letters in support of the relocation.  The Planning Board also approved an Adequate Public Facilities Extension and Preliminary Forest Conservation Plan for the property.

"This is a very positive development for health care in our region," said Jere D. Stocks, President of Washington Adventist Hospital. This new location and the development of a 21st century hospital and health-care services will allow Washington Adventist Hospital to be viable long term and greatly enhance our ability to serve the community.

Stocks noted that in addition to the relocation, the hospital plans to retain the present Takoma Park campus for health-care and other services and is working with the community on developing consensus for appropriate uses for the campus.

"The development of a new hospital on a larger, more accessible campus coupled with the reuse of the Takoma Park campus will improve health-care services and strengthen the region's health-care infrastructure," he said. "Health-care and community services will be central to the Takoma Park campus reuse plan.  We are devoting considerable resources to ensuring that all in the communities we serve continue to have the health care they need."

The relocation of the hospital and the reuse of the Takoma Park campus are part of Washington Adventist Hospital's Vision for Expanded Access, a multi-part initiative developed to provide for improved facilities and services, and to improve access to health care for all in the communities served by the hospital.  The replacement Washington Adventist Hospital will have the same number of beds as the current hospital, but with all private rooms located on a medical campus complete with doctors' offices, outpatient services and other health-care services.  The site is conveniently located near Cherry Hill Road and Route 29, off Plum Orchard Drive , providing multiple means of access.

"Washington Adventist Hospital's relocation is a very positive initiative for our region," said Patrick Zilliacus, an Eastern Montgomery County resident.  "Hospital officials have been very diligent in dialoguing with the community about its plans.  They have been very respectful of the community's interests and I applaud their efforts."

Next, the Special Exception goes to the county Hearing Examiner and the Board of Appeals for final decision. With final special exception approval, the project will then go back to the Planning Board for Site Plan review. Following all local land use approval, the hospital will seek state regulatory approval.

"We look forward to working with county and state leaders, and the local community throughout this process, in order to preserve and expand access to health care for the residents we now serve in Montgomery County, Prince George 's County and surrounding communities," said William G. "Bill" Robertson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Adventist HealthCare. "We are working diligently to create sustainable access to 21st century health care for everyone."

Washington Adventist Hospital is a 294-bed, state-of-the-art acute care facility located in Takoma Park, Maryland . Washington Adventist Hospital is Montgomery County 's first cardiac center, performing more than 500 open-heart surgeries and more than 6,000 heart catheterizations each year. Washington Adventist Hospital is part of Adventist HealthCare, an integrated health-care delivery system based in Rockville, Maryland, that is one of the largest employers in the state of Maryland . Adventist HealthCare includes Washington Adventist Hospital, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health, Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland, Adventist Senior Living Services, Hackettstown Community Hospital and Adventist Home Health Services, the Reginald S. Lourie Center for Children and Infants and LifeWork Strategies.

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