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News Release

Media Contact: Tom Grant

Published on September 22, 2008

News Release

Washington Adventist Hospital Expands Access to Health Care with Creation of a Village of Health and Well-being in Takoma Park

Campus will include health, education, research and community services

Takoma Park, Md. - Washington Adventist Hospital and Adventist HealthCare today announced plans for the creation of a Village of Health and Well-being with extensive health-care services, which will include emergency/urgent care services, a clinic and primary care on the hospital's Takoma Park campus once the hospital relocates.

This new vision for the Takoma Park campus was developed through ongoing collaboration and input from more than 200 community members and an initial in-depth architectural analysis. The Village, along with the hospital's relocation to the White Oak/Calverton area in 2013, will provide additional points of health-care access for the communities served by the hospital as part of its Vision for Expanded Access initiative.

"The health-care and community services on our revitalized Takoma Park campus, linked with the relocated hospital and health-care campus, will strengthen the region's health-care safety net," said Jere Stocks, President of Washington Adventist Hospital.

Based on feedback from the community about its needs and interests, the hospital has outlined a plan to include these main health-care components:

  • Emergency/Urgent Medical Care
  • Clinic for Low-Income/Uninsured Residents
  • Primary Care/Physician Services
  • Dialysis/Outpatient Imaging and Diagnostic Services
  • Fitness and Wellness Center
  • Comprehensive Inpatient/Outpatient Rehabilitation Services
  • Health Disparities Education and Services
  • Health Education, Research and Training

"I really like the concept of recycling an old campus into a new model. It will remain Takoma Park's health-care center for decades to come," said Takoma Park resident Howard Kohn. "The emergency/urgent care and outpatient services are important, plus there will be a new fitness center with a gym and pool, which will also keep us healthy. It's a win-win."

As part of the hospital's continuing commitment to expanding access to low-income/uninsured residents, the campus will offer a health-care clinic. Primary care services will include a primary care center and physician offices. Emergency/urgent medical care could take several forms, depending upon State and Federal regulatory guidelines. Dialysis, outpatient imaging and other diagnostic services will be available.

"We are thrilled to be working closely with our communities to create a plan that will result in the development of a thriving multicultural village of Health and Well-being in Takoma Park. This further ensures that all residents have access to the best possible health-care and wellness services, in addition to expanded educational and other social services opportunities," said William G. "Bill" Robertson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Adventist HealthCare.

It is envisioned that the proposed Fitness and Wellness Center, which will be a partnership between Washington Adventist Hospital and Columbia Union College, would house a new gym, pool, primary care and outpatient rehabilitation services, as well as the hospital's Health and Wellness classes. The Fitness and Wellness Center will be available to the community.

"We are deeply committed to improving the health of the communities surrounding our current campus. One important way we do this is to continue our partnerships around these uses over the next few years," Robertson said. "We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Columbia Union College and others to move this project forward prior to the relocation of the hospital."

Given the need for expanded educational capacity focused on health science careers, Adventist HealthCare will collaborate with Columbia Union College and other colleges and universities to utilize space in the current Washington Adventist Hospital facility for education once the hospital relocates to its new location. Educational uses that are planned include a library/learning center, clinical education classrooms and clinical education simulation labs.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services will include acute inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. Locating Adventist HealthCare's Center on Health Disparities on the Takoma Park campus will provide a resource for the community by developing and improving heath-care access and programs for the underserved in Takoma Park and throughout the region.

Based on ongoing dialogue, other components of the Village of Health and Well-being could include:

  • Senior Health Services
  • Clinical Trial Beds
  • Space for Non-Profit Community Organizations
  • Eatery or Cafeteria Accessible to the Local Community.

"While there are a number of regulatory processes related to the future uses of the hospital's Takoma Park campus, we are excited about the journey and the benefits to the community and we look forward to working with our community to achieve this vision of creating a Village of Health and Well-being," Stocks said.

"Washington Adventist Hospital has served the community for more than 100 years and we are committed to continuing the tradition of being an important community partner in Takoma Park and in the other communities we serve by providing residents with improved access to health care and health-care facilities which meet their needs, and by planning for the next 100 years," Robertson said.

Washington Adventist Hospital is a 294-bed acute-care facility located in Takoma Park, Maryland. Washington Adventist Hospital is Montgomery County's first cardiac center, performing more than 500 open-heart surgeries and more than 6,000 heart catheterizations each year. Washington Adventist Hospital is part of Adventist HealthCare, an integrated health-care delivery system based in Rockville, Maryland, that is one of the largest employers in the state of Maryland.

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