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Published on February 16, 2010

A Heartfelt Thank You

This month, we witnessed an amazing level of dedication and collaboration by our employees and local residents to provide ongoing care and services to our communities during historic winter weather. The executives of Adventist HealthCare's hospitals, nursing homes and health-care facilities in the region would like to offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to the following:

  • Dedicated physicians, nurses, clinical staff and employees who spent time away from their families to work extra shifts in order to provide continuous care to our patients and residents.
  • Support staff who helped care for our employees, patients, residents and their families and ensured their safety.
  • More than 100 community members who volunteered through record snowfalls to bring our medical staff and employees to and from our facilities.
  • Home health staff who drove and walked through snow-covered neighborhoods to care for the homebound.
  • The families and loved ones of our patients and residents for helping us to provide quality, compassionate care during a stressful time.
  • Emergency medical services and public safety workers who transported patients to all county hospitals and cared for residents despite the treacherous weather.

It is through the dedication of these wonderful partners that Adventist HealthCare continues to carry out its mission of improving the health of our community.

William G. "Bill" Robertson
President & CEO
Adventist HealthCare
Jere Stocks
Washington Adventist Hospital
Keith Ballenger
Vice President
Adventist Home Care Services
Dennis Hansen
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital
George Child
Adventist Senior Living Services
Sako Maki
Adventist Behavioral Health
Doris Reinhart
Vice President & Administrator
Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland