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Media Contact: Tom Grant

Published on January 31, 2011

Adventist HealthCare Joins with Other Adventist Health Providers Across United States to Form Association

Rockville, MD - A newly formed group of Adventist health-care providers from across the United States will serve as the united policy voice of more than 70 hospitals and 300 affiliated health-care facilities which provide quality care to 17 states and the District of Columbia.

The Adventist Health Policy Association (AHPA) will help ensure that existing and new federal legislation, policy, rules and guidelines allow AHPA health care providers to fulfill their goal of accessible, high-quality, health care.

"Seventh-day Adventist hospitals represent a major sector of the U.S. health system," said Richard E. Morrison, AHPA President. "We know that working together on key policy issues is crucial in this era of health reform. AHPA will help us do this."

AHPA’s founding members operate hospitals as well as home health agencies, nursing centers, outpatient centers, physician practices and other health care entities. They are:

  • Adventist HealthCare, headquartered in Rockville, MD, is an integrated health-care delivery organization and one of the largest employers in the state of Maryland. Adventist HealthCare includes Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville, Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Adventist Behavioral Health Services, with locations in three counties in Maryland, Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland, Hackettstown Regional Medical Center in New Jersey, Adventist Home Health Services and the Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants and Young Children in Rockville.
  • Adventist Health, headquartered in Roseville, CA. Includes 17 hospitals, 62 outpatient centers, 32 rural health clinics, 14 home health agencies and four joint-venture retirement centers. Locations in California, Oregon, Washington State and Hawaii;
  • Adventist Health System, headquartered in Winter Park, FL. Includes 42 hospitals, 87 outpatient centers, 11 home health agencies and 18 nursing homes as well as a College of Health Sciences. Locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and Wisconsin;
  • Kettering Adventist Healthcare, headquartered in Dayton, OH. Includes seven hospitals, 60 outpatient centers and the Kettering College of Medical Arts serving 11 counties.
  • Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center headquartered in Loma Linda, CA. Includes seven hospitals, seven outpatient facilities, and Loma Linda University Medical School.

AHPA leadership has been meeting informally for almost a year. The group has submitted comments on key health reform elements, including Accountable Care Organizations, tax-exempt hospital requirements, and readmissions.

AHPA’s overall goals are to:

  • Builds on the strength of our network and the shared mission of our Adventist hospital organizations.
  • Demonstrates a united voice for health policy issues in which members have common interests.
  • Analyzes the impact of proposed federal policy and regulations on Adventist hospitals, focusing on two to three common issues each year.
  • Develops strategic internal and external messages including position papers and educational materials related to these issues.
  • Develops and implements advocacy strategies for these messages, including the dissemination of messages by the appropriate member organizations.
  • Shares and leverages stakeholder relationships and resources as appropriate.
  • Assists member organizations with strategies for carefully defined local and state issues as requested by AHPA Members.

The Association has applied for 50136, or non-profit trade association, status. Initial staff support is provided by Adventist Health System, headquartered in Winter Park, FL

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