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Lisa Kristiansen & Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair


Lisa Kristiansen
Patient: Lisa Kristiansen, Gaithersburg, MD

Location: Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital

Service: Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair

Doctor: Paul Massimiano, MD

Last February, Lisa Kristiansen visited her cardiologist, who ordered some tests. Lisa could hardly believe the results. What she thought was a persistent cold was actually a leaky heart valve, known as a severe mitral valve prolapse.

Her cardiologist recommended Paul Massimiano, MD, a heart surgeon at Adventist HealthCare Washington Adventist Hospital, specifically for his unique expertise in a less invasive surgical option that offered a faster, easier recovery than traditional open heart surgery.

“When Dr. Massimiano told me he could do minimally invasive surgery, I was so excited — I stood up and hugged him,” Lisa said. “I just couldn’t be down and out for eight weeks.”

Within a few days of her surgery, Lisa was up and walking. She was back to work, playing tennis and riding her horse with more energy than ever in just four weeks.

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