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Published on April 17, 2015

Kate, Paul and Amelia Craine & The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


Kate, Paul and Amelia Craine
Patients: Kate, Paul and Amelia Craine, Gaithersburg, MD

Location: Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center

Service: Neontal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Doctor: James Rost, MD

Kate Craine and her husband, Paul, were thrilled to learn that they were pregnant last May. After enduring a miscarriage and almost two years of fertility treatments, the Gaithersburg couple were ecstatic to be welcoming a new baby.

During the first few months of the pregnancy, everything appeared normal. Then, in mid-August, Kate learned she had gestational diabetes. By the end of the month, her doctors put her on modified bed rest. In October, at 24 weeks, Kate’s water broke.

Amelia weighed only 1 pound, 9 ounces and was 12.5 inches long, a good size for a baby born at 25 weeks and six days, according to Dr. Rost. Even so, she required significant support in her first days.

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At about four in the morning I woke up, and I felt my water had broken. I really thought we would lose the baby. We knew it was a girl and we had all these plans in place and it was just extremely emotional. My husband and I drove the next day the most terrifying seven hours of our lives not knowing is this baby going to come on the side of the road in rural Pennsylvania?

They said this is your home hopefully for the next nine weeks their goal was to get us to 34 weeks. They were amazing. They just made me feel like I was at home. They made Paul, my husband, feel like he was at home.

When Amelia delivered our NICU team was called immediately. We were able to provide her with respiratory support with temperature support and with antibiotics.

When they asked me if I wanted to cut the umbilical cord I was floored because when my other daughter Emily was born, she was born about 5 weeks early, I wasn't able to cut it they just whisked her away. Dr. Rost came over and he's like let's take some pictures! He took my phone and he's like I took video and pictures at the same time for you guys!

We thought it was important that Amelia spend some amount of time with her mother and she received kangaroo care - that's care on the mother's chest before leaving the delivery room.

I mean you're leaving your child with somebody that you don't know. And they were just amazing they totally understood. When we would have a bad day, the nurses would sit and cry with us. It's like they've honestly become part of our family. I would call there at three in the morning, and they would talk to me about how she was doing and everything going on. The doctors and nurses really made you feel like you're part of their team.

We're in there changing diapers and changing leads taking tubes off and fixing tubes and stuff while we're there in the NICU. It definitely gives you a lot more confidence for when she came home.

Amelia spent 73 days in the NICU with us. It's a different kind of trust that you have when you're taking care of somebody's child. Katie sometimes would call and she would say I knew you were there so we decided to take a night off. It means the world that they have a enough confidence in me that they can stay home, have some family time, and know that their baby is being well cared for here in the hospital.

This is one of the hardest things that I think a family can go through, and just them being there and you can tell they understand and you can tell that they love what they do. You know that they really love what they do, which makes a huge difference.

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