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Published on March 12, 2015

Robert Ide & MAKOplasty Total Knee Replacement

Robert Ide
Patient: Robert Ide, Germantown, MD

Location: Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center

Service: MAKOplasty Total Knee Replacement

Doctor: Mark Peterson, MD

Robert Ide needed his knees to work—for lots of reasons.

After retiring from the Navy and from his civilian work as a lab tech, he enjoyed the slower pace of retirement. He looked forward to his church’s annual mission trips to help repair houses at a South Dakota reservation and relished his daily walks with Bear, his loyal 120-pound retriever lab.

So when knee pain started to slow him down, he didn’t hesitate to see his Shady Grove Medical Center doctor, who told him about MAKOplasty, a new procedure that results in less pain, shorter hospital stays and a faster recovery.

It wouldn’t be his first knee surgery. Nine years ago he had a total knee replacement, which, after a five-day stay in the hospital and weeks of physical therapy, he considered a complete success.

Robert didn’t have to think twice about his doctor’s recommendation. “I trust him,” he says. His surgery was scheduled for a Thursday, and by Sunday, to the amazement of his friends, he was back in church.

“It was much easier, and a much faster recovery, than my first surgery,” says Robert. “I didn’t need any pain pills other than an occasional Tylenol. I was careful, of course, but within a few weeks I was back to walking my dog.”

Was it worth it? “Yes,” says Robert, without a moment’s hesitation. When asked what he’d tell others suffering from knee pain. “Have it done!”

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