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  • Amputee Support Group

    Our amputee support group focuses on the emotions and challenges of living life as an amputee. All levels of amputees, family, and friends are encouraged to attend.

  • Bariatric Surgery Post-Op Support Group

    Our Bariatric Surgery Post-Op Support Group helps patients who have undergone bariatric surgery with their weight loss journey.

  • Bariatric Surgery Pre-Op Support Group (Friends & Family)

    Our Bariatric Surgery Pre-Op Support Group (Friends & Family) assists family members and friends of those about to undergo bariatric surgery.

  • BEST Program: Breastfeeding Education, Support & Togetherness (Shady Grove)

    Breastfeeding moms and their babies may join this informal group with a lactation consultant for breastfeeding information, support, and assistance.

  • Brain Injury Support Group

    Our brain injury support group acts as a resource for those suffering from both traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury. Group members are encouraged to bring family and friends to the group meetings.

  • Community Aphasia Group

    Our community aphasia groups are open to individuals with aphasia and are facilitated by a speech-language pathologist.

  • Discovering Motherhood - Adjusting to Your New Role

    If you are feeling overwhelmed in your new role or wish to connect with other new moms and babies, join us for our FREE weekly support group.

  • Navigating Fatherhood

    Would you like to connect with other new dads? Our Navigating Fatherhood group is here to help dads navigate the challenges of fatherhood.

  • Programa de Maternidad y Familia

    Acompáñenos a obtener una guía en la lactancia y la educación de sus hijos. Este programa es gratise.

  • Stroke Support Group

    The Adventist Rehab Stroke Support Group provides a variety of speakers who address many different topics on living with and recovering from strokes of all severities.

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