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Heart & Vascular Research & Clinical Trials

Adventist HealthCare has led the way on innovative cardiac and vascular care in the Washington metropolitan area for more than 50 years, paving the way for new advances in care through cardiac research. Our skilled research team works to bring our patients the latest heart therapies available. By participating in our clinical trials, patients gain access to state-of-the-art treatments and medical devices to treat even the most complex cardiac conditions.

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    Trial to improve the quality of care to people with heart failure, and to help them gain the greatest benefit from the treatments and health advice they receive

  • CREST-2

    Trial to determine the best way to prevent strokes in people who have a high amount of blockage of their carotid artery but no stroke symptoms related to that blockage.


    Study intends to demonstrate that the Combo stent platform shows superiority to an imputed BMS performance goal, noninferior effectiveness and safety.

  • IDE

    This study is a study of subjects implanted with SJM pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices.


    Study to determine whether treatment with the OPTIMIZER System is safe and effective in patients with moderate to severe heart failure symptoms.

  • Paradise MI

    This study tests if LCZ696, compared to Ramipril, is safe and effective in reducing complications following an acute myocardial infarction.

  • PSR

    The purpose of the Registry is to provide continuing evaluation and periodic reporting of safety and effectiveness of Medtronic market-released products.


    Study assesses the safety of an uninterrupted dabigatran etexilate periprocedural anticoagulant regimen in NVAF patients undergoing AF ablation.

  • Tact 2

    This trial studies if chelation treatments given through the vein and oral vitamins and minerals by mouth will lower the risk of new heart problems.


    Study looks to determine the effectiveness and safety of ticagrelor alone, compared to ticagrelor plus aspirin in reducing clinically relevant bleeding.

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