One Health Quality Alliance Clinically Integrated Network Team

Meet the One Health Quality Alliance executives who are helping to transform health care for the communities we serve.

  • Marta B. Perez

    Marta B. Pérez

    Senior Vice President for Population Health and Post-Acute Care Services
  • John A. Sackett

    John A. Sackett

    Chief Operating Officer, Adventist HealthCare

  • Aaron Cohen

    President, Physician Enterprise
  • Mary M. Ward, Ph. D.

    Mary M. Ward, Ph. D.

    Director of Operations, Physician Networks
  • Barbara Courtney

    Barbara Courtney

    Associate Vice President, Clinical Integration
  • Jill D. Koenig

    Jill D. Koenig

    Director, Physician Networks
  • Susan H. Savery

    Susan H. Savery

    Director of Finance, Physician Networks
  • Kelli Forbes

    Kelli Forbes

    Associate Vice President, Managed Care
  • Charity Dorazio

    Charity Dorazio

    Director of Ambulatory Systems and Clinical Analytics

Board of Directors

Wayne Meyer, MD - Chairman
Albert Simmonds, MD
Anees Ahsan, MD
Brett Gamma, MD
Carolyn O’Conor, MD
James Rost, MD
Jose Bonelli, MD
Linda Nordeman, MD
Marisa Leslie, MD
Marta Brito Pérez, SVP
Mindi Cohen, DO
Rosie Singh, MD
Smita Mengers, MD
Steven Tuck, MD
Stuart Taylor, MD
William Chester, MD

Quality Committee

Mindi Cohen, DO - Chairperson
Anees Ahsan, MD
Brett Gamma, MD
Brian Tenney, MD
Carolyn O’Conor, MD
David Friedman, MD
Jason Brodsky, MD
Joseph Shrout, MD
Jude Alexander, MD
Marta Brito Pérez, SVP
Susan Glover, SVP
Thomas Martin, MD

Contracting Committee

Nicolas Cacciabeve, MD - Chairperson
Aaron Snyder, MD
Alan Glenesk, EVP
Albert Simmonds, MD
Greg Komara
Joyce Koh, MD
Konstantin Khludenev, MD
Kristen Pulio, VP
Mark Peterson, MD
Marta Brito Pérez, SVP
Stuart Taylor, MD

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