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About the Center for Health Equity and Wellness


The Center for Health Equity and Wellness addresses disease prevention and management, and promotes health equity in the communities served by Adventist HealthCare. We accomplish our mission by partnering with community members and organizations to implement health equity and community wellness approaches that improve population health.


Communities served by Adventist HealthCare thrive in a culture of wellness and enjoy access to and the benefits of high quality, equitable healthcare that promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Advisory Board

Our 2015-2017 Center for Health Equity & Wellness Advisory Board is comprised of a distinguished array of experts with experience in addressing health care issues among various populations.

  • Uma Ahluwalia, Director, Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services
  • Katherine Barmer, MPH, Director, Population Health Management, Adventist HealthCare
  • Ron Bialek, MPP, President, Public Health Foundation
  • Olivia Carter-Pokras, PhD, Professor, University of Maryland College Park, School of Public Health
  • Perry Chan, MS, Program Manager, Asian American Health Initiative
  • Jo Cimino, Director, Case Management, Shady Grove Medical Center
  • Daniel Cochran, Chief Financial Officer, Shady Grove Medical Center
  • Carol Garvey, MD, MPH, Principal, Garvey and Associates
  • Susan Glover, Senior Vice President, Quality, Adventist HealthCare
  • Leslie Graham, President and CEO, Primary Care Coalition
  • Christopher King, PhD, Director, Experiential Learning, Georgetown University
  • Hannah Mack, Content Specialist, Cook Ross
  • Sonia Mora, MPH, Program Manager, Latino Health Initiative
  • Mark Rulle, EdD, President, Maryland Healthcare Education Institute, Maryland Hospital Association
  • Kevin Smothers, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Shady Grove Medical Center
  • Stephen Thomas, PhD, Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity
  • Joan Vincent, MSN, MS, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Shady Grove Medical Center
  • Arlee Wallace, Program Manager, African American Health Program
  • Lois Wessel, CFNP, Association of Clinicians for the Underserved
  • Carole Working, Principal, Quince Orchard High School

Center on Health Disparities

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Cultural Competence

As the diversity of our community continues to change, providing health care that is culturally sensitive goes to the heart of our mission as an organization.