Published on February 28, 2022

Nurse couple

A Love for Nursing and Each Other

Brian and Kristin Manahan met and fell in love in 2012 while working in a hospital emergency room in the Philippines. Ten years later, the setting has changed – they’re now working in the ER of Adventist HealthCare White Oak Medical Center. But their love for each other has not changed. In fact, they’re now married and have two daughters.

For the Manahans, service to others just comes naturally. And the care they give to their patients is the same as the care they give to one another.


Brian never thought he’d be a nurse. It was a field he studied on his way to becoming a doctor. But the more he learned about nursing, the more he realized how much he’d be able to serve patients in that role. He quickly let go of his plan to become a physician to focus on becoming a nurse.

Kristin fell in love with nursing at a young age. Her aunt worked as a nurse and encouraged Kristin to pursue the same path. “It didn’t take long for me to realize that nursing fit my personality and skills,” she said.

After Brian and Kristin met through their work in the Philippines, they moved to Dubai together to pursue nursing opportunities there. Then, when they learned of ER nursing positions at White Oak Medical Center in 2018, they got married and settled down in Maryland.

“We’ve stayed at Adventist HealthCare because of the wonderful working environment,” Brian said. “The teamwork and camaraderie are amazing.”


That’s not to say their work doesn’t come without difficulties — especially since the beginning of the pandemic. “There have been times where we’ve had to restrain ourselves from hugging or kissing our daughters because of COVID,” Brian said. “That’s been an emotional and mental challenge for us.”

At the end of the day, the same values that drew Brian and Kristin to nursing continue to guide their lives. “We just have to be there for each other, whether that be at home or at work,” Brian said.

Using their service to others as an inspiration to their daughters also drives them. “Nursing has molded me to be a caring and nurturing person to others, especially to the family I now have,” Kristin said. “Brian and I hope our work helps our daughters pursue whatever it is they love in the future.”

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