Published on May 01, 2020

face towards the sun

A Prayer During the Coronavirus Crisis 

Oh God, our Creator and Source of all life, we seek your grace and your saving hand.

We praise you for the abundance with which you have blessed our world, and for the goodness you have shown us throughout our lives.  You are our dwelling place, and our lives are found only in you.

In this time of great crisis, we come with anxiety about the way in which this terrible disease has crippled the human family. We come with sorrow for the suffering that we are experiencing. We come asking that you will remember our needs and save us.

We pray that you will heal our hearts and bodies. We pray that your great power will bear up those who are ill and that your mercy will be known by those who are suffering.

We pray for your comfort for all those who are grieving the loss of loved ones.

We pray for those who are most vulnerable within our community—those whose circumstances place them at the gravest risk. We pray for our grandparents and our elders, that you will protect them from harm. We pray for those who are facing this crisis alone, that you will give them comfort. We pray for the very young, that they will not fear the future.

We pray for protection for all those who are risking their own lives that others may live—for those on the front lines of care: the first responders, the nurses and physicians, our medical personnel, and all who work in hospitals and healthcare around our world. We pray for those who are in leadership, for those urgently developing vaccines, and for those seeking ways to treat and stop the spread of the coronavirus. For these heroes we pray for your love and care, your strength and guidance, and your comfort.

We pray that you will give us hearts of compassion and courage, that we might find the personal strength to provide the care and support that our patients and their families truly need. Give us clarity of purpose and hope in our hearts. Make our hands skillful and our assistance worthy of your name.

We pray that you will give us a measure of your peace, that you will still our fears and bind up our hearts with a sense of your presence and mercy. Heal our land, O Lord. Give us the courage to face whatever the future may bring with grace and hope and love.

Be with us, for in you we live and move and have our being. Save us, O Lord, for we are your children.


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