Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation Celebrates Doctors’ Day 2021

Published on March 29, 2021

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Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation Celebrates Doctors’ Day 2021

National Doctors' Day was established to acknowledge physicians and the amazing work they do for their patients and communities. Since COVID this day has taken on new meaning not just for the doctors, but for everyone across the world. Read on to learn more and see how you can help honor this day for a physician in your life.

National Doctors' Day is celebrated around the world every March 30 to recognize the contributions of physicians in improving individual lives and communities. In recognition of Doctors’ Day, Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation would like to share how much it truly appreciates their commitment to providing compassionate, quality care to patients every day.

The History of Doctors’ Day

On March 30, 1842, in the state of Georgia, Dr. Crawford W. Long used an ether anesthetic during surgery to remove a cyst from a patient’s neck, making it a historic moment in modern medicine as the first use of anesthesia in surgery. This event, some ninety-one years later, served as Eudora Brown Almond’s inspiration to set aside a day to honor physicians through acts of kindness, gifts, and tributes. It was March 30, 1933, that the first Doctors’ Day was observed – a day that would remain an unofficial holiday for the next several years until it became a national holiday in 1991.

A New Meaning During COVID

Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation has always celebrated Doctors’ Day. But this year’s day takes on a new and deeper meaning now over a year since the COVID pandemic, Doctors have been on the front lines of care through multiple surges, PPE shortages and so much more.

We will continue the tradition of celebrating this day because it’s important to appreciate our physicians not only for their service to our patients, staff, and community but also for their endurance and adaptability to the constantly evolving medical landscape.

Chief Medical Officer Terrence Sheehan, M.D. states, “I cannot put into adequate words to describe the camaraderie I feel and the amount of respect that I have for my fellow doctors and entire staff at AHC Rehab. Through it all, I know that I can depend on them, and for that, I am eternally grateful and pleased to share this special day.”

A New Way to Celebrate at Adventist HealthCare

While we typically have one large gathering scheduled to celebrate Doctors’ Day, our Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation doctors were still able to commemorate this day together in smaller, socially-distant groups and virtually, on Friday, March 26. They enjoyed a presentation featuring a collection of patients’ accolades and received specially delivered breakfasts and personalized gifts.

On behalf of the entire rehab staff, we want our doctors to know how much we honor each of them. We appreciate the expertise they bring every single day to help our patients achieve their best. Our physicians are the heart of Adventist HealthCare’s mission to which they have dedicated their lives. Their support, empathy, love for this work is palpable.

To recognize a special physician in your life please make an online gift today. Each recipient will be notified of any gifts made in their honor.


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