Published on September 16, 2022


After Devastating Accident, Triathlete Triumphs

After a wrong turn and a sudden downpour, triathlete Dennis “Denny” Snyder was finishing a 50-mile bicycle ride and heading home. The driver of a dump truck didn’t see Denny in the rain and knocked him off his bike. The truck ran over Denny’s legs, and as he fell, the weight of his broken bike crushed his left hand. He was taken to Baltimore for trauma care.

“Here I was, an athlete, an active, engaged husband and father, a busy professional and involved member of my church and community, but I couldn’t be any of those things,” said Denny. “All those things that you take for granted like seeing the sky, breathing fresh air, taking a bath unassisted weren’t possible that first week.”

But quit is not in Denny’s vocabulary. Within a week, he was ready to transfer to inpatient rehabilitation to continue his recovery. He took the advice of a close friend who knew of the amazing team of physicians and therapists at Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation and headed to its Rockville hospital for care. The Rehab team helped Denny change his perspective.

“Every single member of the clinical and support team at Adventist was so positive,” he said.

“They kept me positive.”

Denny said because everyone in the facility had such a can-do spirit, he believed he could, too. When negative thoughts crept in, the Rehab team chased them away.

“To have that kind of care and support from your clinical team, as well as the care and love from my family and friends and my church family is everything,” he said. “Today, I am so thankful to have my life and health. I ask myself what can I do today? What does God have for me today? Whether it is improving myself or helping someone else or accomplishing something to further benefit my company or my family, whatever it is, I want to be able to do that.”

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