Published on September 02, 2022

box of crayons

Back to School 2022 (or What I Love About Crayons)

For younger children, going back to school often means getting a fresh set of crayons. It’s been a few years since our children needed to get school supplies, particularly new crayons, but I happen to like crayons and so I’ve thought a lot about them. Even if you haven’t had a fresh box in decades, here’s my Top Five Tips for Crayon Appreciation.

1. Brand new, broken or almost used up—crayons still have lots of color

There is something special about a new crayon, but it doesn’t last. Fortunately, however, that freshness isn’t crucial. Reliability is their best quality. Crayons help us understand the importance of the things we can really depend on.

2. Too much heat is bad

Crayons don’t work well when they get too hot—they melt. People are the same way. Crayons teach us to pay attention to how much pressure people are under and what we can do to make working conditions better.

3. Using all the colors you have will offer new insights

Crayons offer infinite ways to blend and layer resulting in a wide variety of hues, shades and tints to reflect both our world and our imaginations. Crayons remind us to value every person and honor all our identities and talents.

4. Sharpening your crayon can help sharpen your focus 

Sometimes what is most needed is a renewed way of seeing things. If honing the tip of a crayon can help bring a refreshed approach to a project, try it out to see if you get a better picture. Crayons show us that sometimes a new perspective, technique, or strategy with the tools we have may be all we need.

5. It takes some thought and care to get all the crayons back in the box 

There is room in the box for all the crayons—whole, broken, dulled, sharpened, with the label peeled off or perfectly pristine. Crayons illustrate that when handled with care, there is always a place for everyone.

I love being part of an organization that values the infinite worth of each individual. And I am so grateful for the ways our teams work together and reduce the tension of facing challenges through trust and good will. Partnering with people who are focused on our Mission and committed to fulfilling it is what makes our success possible. Thank you to each person in our organization – every perspective, every hand, every voice, every idea is what empowers us to extend God’s care every day to each other, our patients and our community.

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