Published on May 13, 2019


Broadcasting an Important Message

Testicular cancer hasn’t slowed Dan Duran, 35, of Wheaton, Maryland. Diagnosed in 2018 and now finished with treatment. Dan is looking forward to moving on and spreading the word about the importance of self-exams.

Dan, a radio DJ with mix107.3 and volunteer firefighter at the Kensington Volunteer Fire Station, never thought much about his health until he felt a lump during a testicular self-exam.

“I found a lump and thought it would go away, but when I checked again a month later, it was still there and larger,” Dan said.

After seeing Jonathan Rhee, MD, a urologist with Adventist HealthCare Adventist Medical Group, Dan realized the seriousness of his condition.

“Given Dan’s type of cancer, and that it had spread to his lymph nodes, we needed to remove the testicle and begin other treatments, like chemotherapy, quickly,” Dr. Rhee said.

After undergoing surgery at Adventist HealthCare White Oak Medical Center and then chemotherapy with another provider, Dan is sharing his health journey on the radio, his blog and at the fire station.

“This came out of the blue for me, but I’ve been meeting others and finding a community that has experienced it,”

Dan said. “I want to tell my story so that it helps people take their health seriously. I didn’t have any risk factors, so it’s important for all men to do their self-exams to catch it early, when it’s the most treatable.”


  • Affects one out of every 250 men in his lifetime
  • Most common cancer in men ages 20–34
  • Has a 99-percent survival rate when found early
  • Start monthly self-exams early, around age 13

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