Published on January 07, 2022


Come into the Warmth

One of the warmest Decembers we have ever experienced in our region quickly gave way in this first week of the new year to the cold blast of snow that came coursing through our communities.

Navigating school closures and icy streets on top of the increased numbers of COVID patients has brought additional challenges. But throughout our organization, in every area of our work, there has been in-depth planning and careful provisioning for emergency situations. We are so blessed to have so many great people working together to help minimize the disruption of our services and to respond to the unique challenges that every emergency brings with it. And this week has been no exception.

There can be an extra level of anxiety and uncertainty for our patients and their families when unexpected circumstances affect their experiences and care. Time after time I have observed our team members being attentive to these worries and concerns.

It is a reminder that the words hospital and hospitality both come from the Latin hospes – which can be translated either as a “guest” or a “host.” In creating the space for healing, we are also being hospitable. Everyone involved – patients, family members, and care team members – benefits from a warm and caring environment in which relationships are nurtured, questions are asked and answered, experiences are shared, and healing may happen.

Hospitality is one way in which our Mission becomes relational. We purposefully nurture environments in which our patients experience God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. As kindness and attentiveness flow into our work, we can observe God’s love and grace helping to create community, understanding and healing.

Regardless of the circumstances – weather, pandemic or other difficulties – we are committed to fostering the environments for healing that are our calling and one of our greatest blessings. Thank you for being a part of making God’s love and care known through our compassionate and hospitable care.

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