Published on July 15, 2022

all hands in

Commitment to Our Vision

I love both playing and watching basketball. The game offers an endless array of challenging situations and can be wildly entertaining to watch. I like the geometry of the clearly defined playing area, the physical skill required for both offense and defense, and the infinite variety of strategies devised in pursuit of a win. I love watching great playmakers work together and the soaring three-pointers they are able to put away. And I love every unexpected moment that keeps the game so fluid and interesting.

Most of all, I love the commitment it takes to play basketball effectively. Commitment is the “secret sauce” in basketball – like in so many other things in life. You can see it in the determined look on the players’ faces as they execute a play. You can feel it in the deliberate positioning that interrupts a drive. You can recognize it in the forethought needed to intercept a pass. A player who is not fully committed – and especially the player who is not fully committed to the shared goals of the team – will be the weakest point. Commitment means being all in, all the time. When coaches and players talk about giving “a hundred and ten percent,” they are talking about commitment.
At Adventist HealthCare, we have expressed our own 110 percent commitment in the form of our Vision statement: We will provide a world-class patient experience to every person, every time. Every word in that sentence is about commitment: our dedication to high-quality care, our loyalty to exemplary compassionate service, our emphasis on excellent patient experiences, and our persistence to perform at our very best in every situation. Our vision is defined by an “all in” commitment.
And why can we commit so whole-heartedly? It’s because our Vision stems directly from our Mission that, as individuals and as an organization, we extend God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. When we help both our community and each other, we acknowledge that God’s ministry is the power working through our hands to heal, comfort and support.
Thank you for your commitment that I see in action every day – the commitment that saves lives, nurtures well-being, builds stronger communities, and positively impacts the future of all we serve!

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