Published on April 18, 2022

Delmi's Becoming a CNA (Week 1)

Delmi looks back on her first week as a trainee in our 6-week program to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

Adventist HealthCare Macklin CNA Academt trainee Delmi

Meet Delmi

View the first post in our series to learn more about Delmi and her motivation to enroll in the CNA Academy at Adventist HealthCare.

Week 1 Q&A with Delmi

We spoke with Delmi following her first week in the Academy to see how things were going. Here's what she told us.

What was something an instructor taught you this week?

They taught me why it is important to always verify a patients name and birth date before doing any procedure.

Did you learn anything that surprised you?

One thing I learned this week was how to handle certain situations that may occur with patient care.

What excited you this week?

I was excited for the hands on practice. We learned how to properly place an external catheter as well as changing an ostomy bag this week.

What challenged you this week?

This week we learned a lot about the different systems of the body which was a bit challenging for me.

What has the experience been like with your fellow trainees?

My experience with my fellow trainees has been great. Everyone is very friendly and we help each other out whenever help is needed.

On a scale of 1-10 how difficult was this week?

I would rate this week a 4. The instructors make sure we all understand the lesson and are great with breaking down the information to a way we would all understand.


About the CNA Academy

The CNA Academy at Adventist HealthCare is an innovative program designed to support those seeking to start a career in patient care services as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). The academy offers classroom and clinical training, in a hospital setting, to prepare candidates to pass the CNA certification exam.

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