Diabetes and Chronic Wounds

Published on June 14, 2019

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Diabetes and Chronic Wounds

Did you know that people living with diabetes have a higher risk of developing chronic wounds? In fact, about 25 percent of people with diabetes will experience a foot ulcer. 

Patients with diabetes are more likely to develop non-healing wounds due to nerve damage and poor circulation in the extremities. This leads to more tissue damage and delayed healing. It is particularly common in the feet since all of our weight is supported by a small area creating pressure points that become wounds. 

There are several ways to prevent chronic wounds. Check out these tips to protect yourself against developing chronic wounds.


● Check your feet daily for cuts, blisters, or other injuries
● Protect your feet from injury 
● Wash your feet daily
● Control blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol


● Avoid hot water, fire, sharp objects, and other hazards
● Check for sores regularly
● Eat a healthy diet and be active
● Manage health conditions, such as diabetes
● Practice Healthy Hygiene
● Quit smoking
● Treat wounds right away

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