Published on April 20, 2022

Dwaine's Becoming a CNA (Week 1)

Dwaine looks back on his first week as a trainee in our 6-week program to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

Adventist HealthCare Macklin CNA Academt trainee Dwaine

Meet Dwaine

View the first post in our series to learn more about Dwaine and his motivation to enroll in the CNA Academy at Adventist HealthCare.

Week 1 Q&A with Dwaine

We spoke with Dwaine following his first week in the Academy to see how things were going. Here's what he told us.

What was something an instructor taught you this week?

We learned about the body systems this week and it was so informative. I learned that stomach acid is about a 1 on the PH scale and that when your food is breaking down in your stomach, it is actually breaking down the inner lining as well. Once the break down of the food and nutrients move to the small intestines, your stomach releases an enzyme to restore the inner lining of your stomach.

Did you learn anything that surprised you?

This course has been overall surprising for me. Coming from a non-clinical background, I find myself in awe of what is in the scope CNAs and what their responsibilities include.

What excited you this week?

I was excited to do the hands-on skills. We learned how to clean the perineal areas of the body.

What challenged you this week?

Learning how and when to use the right wipes for cleaning patients and equipment. There are so many different types of cleaning wipes and different situations for when to use them.

What has the experience been like with your fellow trainees?

It is my belief that everyone in the class are enjoying themselves. Especially while working on our hands-on portion and learning how to do specific tasks, There were smiles across the entire classroom as people were actively engaging with the instructors.

On a scale of 1-10 how difficult was this week?

I would say that this week's difficulty level was about a four.


About the CNA Academy

The CNA Academy at Adventist HealthCare is an innovative program designed to support those seeking to start a career in patient care services as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). The academy offers classroom and clinical training, in a hospital setting, to prepare candidates to pass the CNA certification exam.

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