Published on June 19, 2022

Fathers Day 2022

Father’s Day 2022

Looking across a grocery store parking lot, I saw a man with two small children heading towards their van, each child carrying a small bag of groceries while the man–the father, I assumed—was muscling a couple of the heavy ones. The children were as aligned as they could be with their dad, quickening their strides to keep up. They were listening intently to whatever amazing story he was telling them, oblivious to anyone around them and caught up in the moment. It was a very Norman Rockwell moment.

Like those kids in the parking lot, I can remember trying to keep up with my dad, or at least stay as close as I could to this primal force who was so important to me and to my family. And since my father passed away several years ago, I find myself more and more appreciative of those individuals who continue to nurture, affirm and support me.

Father’s Day can be a welcome opportunity to stop and think about the importance of not only a father’s love but the love and support of all role models. It is a chance to honor and pay tribute to those individuals who have impacted our lives and made significant contributions to our well-being and perspective on the world.

I was blessed to have a dad who loved me in many ways – and his encouragement and affirmation that I received from him was so important. In the time that we had together, he gave me a place to call home, an anchor for my values, a guide for my choices, a voice of affirmation and inquiry, a link to our family history, a wise reminder of what mattered most, and an example of who I wanted to become. 

That last part is crucial. And so Father’s Day becomes a reminder to ask myself, “how do I want to honor the blessing of his role in my life?”

Working in our Mission-driven organization provides us with many opportunities to benefit from people who share their lives, their experience, their love. These individuals are often great sources of inspiration and guidance for many people beyond their own children. However, we can also challenge ourselves by asking how we can also fulfill that role for others – how we can support, affirm and extend love in someone’s moment of need or moment of success.

Accordingly, if you answer to any term of affection – including Father, Dad, Papa, Daddy, Pops, Tata, Ba, Baba, Pere, Opu, or Abba – Happy Father’s Day!

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