Published on December 31, 2021

nurse with patient

For the New Year: The Welcoming Spirit

As the holiday decorations go back into their boxes and the celebratory evidence is recycled or safely stored for another season, our attention turns to the new year – but not just towards the festivities that accompany the stroke of midnight, as pleasant as they may be.

I am thinking about the days and weeks that lie undiscovered in 2022, and what we will make of them. None of us know what the next 12 months will bring, even as some of the challenges and opportunities are already presenting themselves. However, the place to begin is with a spirit of welcome.

Guided by our shared Mission, we welcome God’s providence and care into our lives and work each day. We are blessed at the beginning of a new year to reaffirm our commitment to extending God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. Looking back over the year that is just ending, we take stock of the things that we were able to do together to make a lasting difference in the health of our patients and their families. This is God-given work that we take up each day.

Inspired by our shared Vision, we welcome the challenge of providing a world-class patient experience to every person, every time, throughout all our facilities and services. We will continue to use heart, mind and hands to nurture and protect the ways in which our patients and their families experience the care that fosters healing and growth.

Moved by our shared Values, we welcome the possibilities the new year will bring to serve our communities. We embrace the opportunities to provide compassionate and quality care through our hospitals and services. We are committed to the many ways in which we may encourage and grow the culture of wellness and health among the diverse groups and communities we serve.

How can we become even more aware of ways in which our work and service can be impactful? What can we do to be better stewards of the resources that are available for fostering health and wellness in our communities? These are the questions we ask ourselves and we welcome the opportunity to bring the diverse skills and experiences of our team members together to meet the remarkable opportunities and challenging circumstances that 2022 will no doubt bring with it.

May we blessed as we take up our work together, and may we approach each new situation with optimism, hope and the welcoming spirit that our Mission, Vision, Values calls us to live.

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