Published on June 25, 2021

Family Having Picnic Next to Camper

Getting Away and Staying Well

After being in the same environment for over a year due to quarantine, many people are ready to go on vacation this summer with friends and family they haven’t seen in a long time.

The vaccine has helped encourage people to gather with others who are also vaccinated and be able to enjoy their time together. As vacation season heats up and families have made their summer plans it’s important to remember that in order to stay healthy, you still have to be smart with your activities and take precautions. T Newsome, MD, an internal medicine physician with Adventist Medical Group, shares tips to keep your family healthy while away this summer.

Limit your time in crowds

Preparing for vacation is always an exciting time, but make sure you plan for the dates that work best with not only your schedule but when there are fewer crowds. If you’re planning to travel somewhere that requires flying, try to book your flight in the middle of the week when there are fewer people traveling. This will not only help with the hustle and bustle in the airport, but the flight is less likely to be full during this time as well. “While you’re on vacation, try going places in off-peak times. Eat dinner an hour or two earlier and breakfast a few hours later. You’ll miss most of the crowds in the restaurants limiting possible exposure to COVID-19,” explains Dr. Newsome.

Don’t throw healthy eating out the window

Even though you’re on vacation, you should still aim to eat a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables in your meals. There are always delicious foods we tell ourselves that we can eat on vacation, but not at home. Remember, a trip to the beach isn’t a vacation from healthy eating. You can still indulge but keep it balanced. “Eat healthy snacks throughout the day to help balance out the not-as-healthy meals or desserts you’ll be eating throughout your time there,” says Dr. Newsome.

Did someone say road trip?

Instead of taking a plane, plan for a road trip. While it might take you longer, you’re able to protect yourself and your family from potential COVID-19 exposure. By driving, you’re able to see sights and landmarks in different towns that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience if you flew.

Explore the great outdoors

If you’re ready to get away, but you’re a little nervous about going to a larger vacation destination, plan for a trip outdoors. You can go camping, hiking, boating, backpacking, etc. and either stay local or plan for a larger trip and visit a National Park. Whichever you decide, plan ahead and make sure you have enough supplies to last you throughout your stay.

Book a Fall getaway

If you are still a little worried about travel, look at booking a vacation after the summer when not only are the rates lower but when vacation destinations are free of crowds. There are several fun fall getaways you can plan and if you still want to go to the beach, you can head south, but if you want to visit somewhere that’s a bit cooler, head north!

Protect you and your family

Before heading on vacation, if you haven’t already, get your COVID-19 vaccine to not only protect yourself but those around you. “As mask mandates and capacity restrictions continue to be lifted across the United States, keep yourself and your family healthy by practicing good hand hygiene, using hand sanitizer when soap and water aren’t available, staying home when you don’t feel well, avoiding close contact with others who are sick and spending time outside with others when you can,” says Dr. Newsome.

As you plan your vacation, keep in mind that while case numbers are low, COVID-19 is still around. Have fun but be safe. Talk with others that you’re going on vacation with to understand what their comfort level is and plan activities everyone is comfortable with.

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