Published on June 03, 2022

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Giannis’s Three-Pointer

During the NBA finals, the extraordinary ball-handling, playmaking, moves and rebounds are jaw-dropping. The world’s best players test one another’s agility and strength – and I love to cheer every amazing shot, every dunked ball and every impossible three-pointer.

But I also know that there will be moments that move rapidly from golden opportunity to shattering failure. As the playoffs winnow down to the NBA finals, there are 28 other teams watching from the sidelines. What are all those players thinking?

As someone who has played basketball all his life, I’ve had my share of defeats in spite of hours, days and months of preparation. When you work hard to achieve a specific goal, it's easy to get swallowed up by negative emotion when that goal doesn't come to fruition.

So I was fascinated by the way Milwaukee Buck player Giannis Antetokounmpo framed up his off-season after the Bucks, who won the championship last year, lost game seven of their hard-fought series with the Celtics. When asked if was going to spend the remainder of the playoffs processing what had happened, Giannis’ answer was pure gold:

“Nah, it's over with … Just gotta go back, get some break, and get on the court, start getting better, try to improve parts of my game. Hopefully I can come back healthy, in a good place, keep enjoying basketball, and come back ready for my 10th season.”

So there you have it, Giannis’ three-pointer: Take a break to be healthy, keep enjoying what you do and come back ready to get even better.

I can think of so many ways that applies to life in general and to our work in healthcare, which involves so many challenges, so many setbacks, so many difficult days, and losses that at times can be overwhelming.

Self-care really matters, allowing us to show up healthy and ready. We each chose healthcare as our ministry and vocation for a good reason. Remembering this allows us to work with a happy and joyful heart – enjoying what we do every day. And keeping our Mission clearly in focus helps us determine, to a great degree, how we overcome challenges, so we improve and are ready to serve again and again.

As noteworthy as the amazing display of skills on the NBA court are, your equally dazzling skills, talents and experience are essential to bringing life-saving hope and wholeness to those who entrust their care to us. And your commitment to our RISES values is what makes our care extraordinary, providing award-winning, high-quality care, while extending compassionate healing – no matter the setback.

Giannis’ attitude affirms why I am so inspired by our Adventist HealthCare family! Thank you for all the ways you live our Mission and provide world-class care. And thank you for coming back ready for every person, every time.

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