Published on July 08, 2022

Bucket above well

Go Back to the Well

Have you ever wondered why there are so many proverbs or figures of speech that use water as a metaphor for life? Perhaps it is because water is so fundamental to every aspect of life that we are naturally drawn to phrases that use water to describe the way things work.

Some famous examples include: drop in the bucket, when it rains it pours, still waters run deep, water under the bridge, troubled waters, like a duck to water, make a big splash, treading water, having a ripple effect and mainstream. The list is almost endless.

One of my favorite water sayings is one of the oldest, and yet is still used frequently. It’s the idea that it’s time to “go back to the well.” It’s a reference to getting right back to the source – the place where water emerges untainted from the earth.

A person seeking clarity in an important decision will say they are going back to the well so that their decision is clear and well-anchored (both of which are also water-related terms). A team that is floundering will go back to the well to seek inspiration, drawing from the purest forms of their energy and creativity. A business that is looking to expand into new streams of endeavor will go back to the well of their founding principles as they contemplate growth and development.

At Adventist HealthCare, our well-spring is our Mission: to extend God’s care through the ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing. This is where the work we take on each day is anchored. As an organization deeply committed to healing and caring for the needs of our community, we respond to the invitation throughout the Bible to draw upon God’s living water to find cleansing, healing, comfort and life.

Like many of you, I begin each day with the prayer that we will be led by God in all that we do. My hope is that we will always go back to the well of God’s love and leadership and that we never forget that our sacred vocation to serve others stems from the pure and healing waters of divine grace.

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