Published on January 04, 2019

Shoulder GPS

GPS Technology Leads Shoulder Surgeons To Better Outcomes

When orthopedic surgeons operate on shoulders, they focus on an area that is the size of a quarter, with a limited field of view. Years of training help them navigate these tight spaces.

Now, to supplement their expertise, surgeons at Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center are getting a preview before surgery with the ExactechGPS®. Shady Grove is the first hospital in Maryland and the D.C. region to incorporate the technology, which enables surgeons to better prepare for and perform shoulder replacements.

“With this technology, surgeons can create a plan for surgery based on a 3D model of the patient’s shoulder,” said Gabriel Petruccelli, MD, Shady Grove’s orthopedics section chair. “The ExactechGPS gives us greater visibility of the anatomy. This allows us to make adjustments in real time, resulting in a more consistent and accurate implant placement.”

A number of studies on the tool support positive outcomes for patients who need total shoulder replacements, such as those with arthritis or degeneration and those who undergo reverse total shoulder replacements, for issues like severely damaged rotator cuffs.

“By leveraging the latest technology, we will be able to reproduce the patient’s anatomy and expect better outcomes, such as increased longevity of the prosthesis and improved fit without loosening,” said Craig Miller, MD, orthopedic surgeon with Shady Grove.

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