Published on August 19, 2019

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Healthy Communication for Emotional Well-Being

Healthy communication plays a key role in the development and maintenance of good relationships. Whether it is a family member, friend, significant other or co-worker, how we communicate with those around us can impact how we feel about ourselves and our emotional well-being. Working on our own communication skills and creating opportunities to bond with people we care about can strengthen our relationships and help us to feel more supported. This feeling of support and emotional well-being is crucial for our overall health and can impact all aspects of our lives.


  • Create opportunities for talking and catching up on the day’s activities.
  • Use family meals as a time to bond.
  • Go on individual dates with your children.
  • Use technology to your advantage. Try texting encouraging messages or letting family members know you are thinking of them.
  • Create family traditions as opportunities to come together as a unit.


  • Make small talk. Sharing even small and seemingly insignificant moments can strengthen relationships.
  • Listen carefully. Knowing you are heard can help you feel more connected to each other.
  • Ask your partner questions, and don’t assume that you already know the answers.
  • Ensure that both parties get the chance to talk and listen.
  • Increase daily experiences together, even the small ones like reading the paper or folding laundry.


  1. Engaged listening – show interest in what is being said.
  2. Nonverbal communication – using open body language and facial expressions can enhance communication.
  3. Managing stress in the moment – In stressful conversations, try pausing to collect your thoughts before speaking.
  4. Asserting yourself in a respectful way – Value yourself and your opinions; they are as important as anyone else’s.


Sources: Psychology Today, Everyday Health. The Health Tip of the Week is for educational purposes only.  For additional information, consult your physician. Please feel free to copy and distribute this health resource.

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