Published on July 13, 2018

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Humble and Kind

Do you know the song “Humble and Kind?”  If you like country music, I’m sure you do.

The song was a huge hit for Tim McGraw in 2016—essentially sweeping the Country Music Awards on its way to becoming a career single for him. Both the song and video are at the top of my favorites list, and I honestly can’t decide what I like best about it: the simple yet powerful lyrics, the easy to sing melody, the wonderful musical arrangement of the song, or the extraordinary photos of people around the world who are portrayed in the video.

Lori McKenna, the woman who wrote the song, says she wrote it with her kids in mind. The lyrics were a way to round up all those little bits of advice and counsel that we got from our parents into one big rhymed list that she could share with her own kids. Somehow McKenna turned phrases like “Don’t forget the keys under the mat” and “Say please and thank you” into a masterful litany of things that we each can do to make the world a little better place.

When combined with McGraw’s vocal performance and the absolutely stunning images from people from all over the world, taken from Oprah Winfrey’s series called “Belief,” the end result is a song that will first inspire you and then stay with you—especially the title line, “Always stay humble and kind.” By the end of the song you’ll be reasonably persuaded that being humble and kind are essential ingredients to a life that makes sense.

I love the last verse and how it reminds us of what is most important:

Don’t take for granted the love this life gives you.

When you get where you’re goin’

Don’t forget to turn back around

And help the next one in line:

Always stay humble and kind.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the link to the video on YouTube:

I hope you watch the video and share it with your family and friends.  And I hope you’ll join the thousands of fans (like me) who have taken to heart the message of the music and the pictures—to ALWAYS be humble and kind.

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