Published on July 22, 2022


Inspired by Webb – and You

The first images and data from the James Webb Space Telescope (nicknamed “Webb”) that was launched on Christmas Day 2021 were made public recently – and they are amazing! You are in for a treat if you take a few minutes to go to to look at them closely.

The images provide the best clarity humans have ever seen of galaxies that are among the oldest in the universe. Since the earliest days of the space program, the technologies developed to support space research have been used in meeting medical and health care delivery needs. Space technologies have consistently returned benefits to medicine and health care, especially in areas like imaging, miniaturization, robotics, data analysis and telecommunication. And now, new discoveries will be made as Webb allows us to observe things that have until this point been unseeable.

The program timeline for Webb stretches back to 1989 – and thousands of scientists, engineers and technologists brought their energies to this extraordinary project. The amazing tools and technology necessary to deliver clear pictures of the universe will most likely form the basis for new ways in which healthcare providers can understand and deliver better outcomes for patients here on Earth.

I am impressed by the clarity and commitment with which the overall project has developed. But in our own organization, the shared clarity of purpose and commitment to our Mission inspires me every day. As I see you care for our patients, your service to minister to the infinitely complex ways in which the human body can present and the ways you work together to determine just the right program of treatment sparks in me a profound awe.

The story of the James Webb Space Telescope is still being written – just as our Adventist HealthCare story continues to unfold every day. And we are each a living, breathing part of it! Each new discovery of how we can improve our processes, steward our resources and serve our patients better provokes appreciation and delight similar to the wow I feel looking at the dazzling images from billions of lightyears away.


Thank you for all you do – whether seen or unseen, large or small. Thanks to your clarity and commitment, we are creating the best outcomes that also inspire people to marvel.

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